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Note that some types or production variations are not included in these Exploded Views & Parts Lists. A set of numbers separated by dashes tells how many of each type of wheel a locomotive has. The #23743 Track Maintenance Car has a yellow body with molded plastic handrails at both ends. Also, it is important to note that not all parts used in the construction of American Flyer trains are still available. In addition to scanning the codes, gather some information about your PCM before taking anything apart.
Research the PCM from the numbers on the module based on the vehicle model, year, drive train components, and engine. What does the oxygen sensor do, and how can you replace it on your Ford F-150 or Super Duty truck?
Reading these instructions will help you find symptoms to figure out if you have a serious problem with your Ford F-250 or F-350 Diesel Super Duty's engine.
Whether the theme is New York City or a small village, the model railroad buildings you use will illustrate all that is human about any landscape.
If you are modeling a prototype scene, then you most likely will want to find or to make specific buildings for your display. Hobby shops provide pre-made and ready-to-assemble kits for all kinds of model railroad buildings.
You may also choose to create your own buildings by altering a kit, combining kits or even building your own structures completely from scratch.
In addition to the model railway buildings themselves, you can integrate accessories that enhance your display’s realism.

To further enhance the realism of buildings, you may consider pasting miniature pictures and curtains on the inside. Furthermore, applying a flat water-based acrylic weathering medium creates faux dirt and grime that are inherent to the outside of buildings, thereby enhancing your display’s credibility.
When placing model railroad buildings throughout a landscape, perspective also comes into play.
I am a complete model railroading novice, and I’ve started this website to share what I learn with others who are also new to the hobby and want to learn about it.
It is the central computer that controls everything, which includes the charging system, transmission, various emission controls, and communications. Any auto store will let you enter the number to ensure you are buying the right one for your truck.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Buildings from kits are typically made out of plastic and can be decorated with paint or decals. You can use raw materials that you may already have at home, such as wood, foam, cardboard or paper.
Accessories are basically anything that you would see in real life: people, cars, roads, trees, billboards, benches, chairs and fences. Depending on how the display is set up, you may need larger buildings closer to the foreground and smaller buildings in the background. I invite you to sign up for my newsletter and get the free report: 7 Model Train Mistakes To Avoid. Another track wiring arrangement which is often used to turn locomotives and trains is the wye.

The easiest way to describe this system is to use the drawing below and follow the operation. Signs of PCM failure may include engine light turning on, truck not starting, engine stalling while driving, or poor engine performance.
Both the internet and your owner’s manual should help you to locate the PCM for your specific vehicle, You can do so by looking up the PCM by the code you obtain. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). This voltage causes electrical current to flow through the wheels of the loco to the motor causing it to rotate and subsequently move the engine. Due to the complexity and cost of this item, only replace the module after doing some research and eliminating other possible causes. Most of the newer F-150s have the PCM located behind the driver’s kick panel with the connector protruding through the firewall. Direction is controlled by a switch which changes voltage polarity to the rails and determines whether the train moves forward or backwards.
Your research should include checking for any Service Bulletins that may have been issued for your vehicle.
It should be noted that when an engine that is moving forward is lifted and rotated 180 degrees and placed back on the rails it will continue in the same direction but now it is moving in reverse.

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