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A few weeks ago Thursday gaming night was extended to afternoon and night and as we had a lot of time to play that day we decided to do a whole Pike&Shotte game. The catholic troops in the bottom of the picture set up pretty much in a linear (one could call it a protestant) fashion, with the light cavalry to their left, a centre of pike and shot, swordmen and the medium artillery and heavy cavalry in the right along with some Cossacks for support. The Swedish and protestants set up in two lines (more or less), light cavalry on their left side, cuirassiers and Finnish cavalry in their right on a hill, along with the medium cannon and their general. The light guns, according to Gustav Adolph's orders, were used as 'regimental guns' and stuck with the infantry centre. Due to Swedish light cavalry being a bit more squishy than Croats, fire support by the Dragoons on the imperial side and some poor dice rolls things were settled rather fast on this side the the imperial-catholics got a lot more freedom of movement on their left flank. On their right the heavy cavalry attempted to charge right into the enemy cavalry (who were outnumbered almost two to one) before the Swedish blue and yellow regiments would hit home. Of course the plan failed and things ground to a halt as catholic cuirassiers got ground up in a horrible crossfire between Swedish and Palatinate regiments to their sides and enemy cavalry to their front.
In their defence, they did a really good job not breaking and bound half the protestant army in place for quite a while. In this picture you can see another problem the imperial-catholics had to face - the idea was for the infantry centre to rush forward and hit the inferior protestant German troops hard and fast.
Lateron the imperials actually made it over, a unit of Bavarian veterans immediately started a push of the pike match against Hesse-Kassel troops and disintegrated.

The game took us roughly seven hours to finish but it has to be said that in the beginning we took some time with looking up rules and taking photos, calibrating the cameras and so on.
The last massive cav (counter)charge I tried was not too long ago in a Hail Caesar Medieval period game.
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You didn't think I'd let you off without a massive wall of text filled with half-knowledge slapped together at 6am. And in the far right they had placed a powerful flanking force of veteran Swedish Blue and Yellow Guards regiments. Swedish light cavalry wing, mercenaries from Hesse-Kassel, the Palatinate and Veterans from Saxony. However, half the infantry didn't get the memo and as the centre left rushed ahead the centre right barely moved at all. It was the first time we used this fleece blanket to cover the table and it came out rather weirdly in some pictures. Heck, I even get together with my 41 years opponent on his table AND I bring both armies (he works a part time job on Sundays.

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Other changes we made from the last game is that one of the cuirassiers units joined the protestant side who also got a brand new unit of Finnish cavalry. As for blunders: In the game above the protestant general must have gotten an epileptic shock towards the end of the game because he blundered in two consecutive turns.
The whole darn division of cav turned tail and moved off the table It was three (of my) player turns before the Div. If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact us. Chaos Dwarf Fables, Chaos Dwarf Songs, Chaos Dwarf Sayings, Chaos Dwarf Quotes, Chaos Dwarf Monument Inscriptions & Chaos Dwarf Religious Texts. I remember that on one of my solo games the Elite Guard yellow brigade had made a flanking maneuver to crush into the flank of an otherwise occupied imperial pike block but instead of charging I blundered and they ran off the table.

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