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Beginning in 2004, the Connecticut Cellar Savers Fire Museum has annually sponsored a holiday model train layout at it's museum at 634 Main St.
After the train display ends each year, the museum sponsors a scout day where Boy Scouts complete the requierments for the Railroading Merit Badge.
If you have traveled throughout New England, you may have passed East Haven, Connecticut a few times on Interstate 95. Today, you can take a round trip and see some of the amazing views the Connecticut coastline has to offer. The collection includes some of the famous open cars once used to carry football fans to the Yale Bowl. Here is a video from the local FOX-TV affiliate talking about the new yard and restoration project.
Green Mountain Railroad, Vermont Railway, New England Central and a Connecticut Southern Railroad Caboose.
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The community is centrally located along Connecticut’s 96 mile coast line, and you wouldn’t know it today, but the Connecticut Company once operated electric street cars to the cities and rural areas along Connecticut’s western coastline and central area.
I’m looking forward to visiting the Shore Line Trolley Museum once the project is complete.
The event is open weekdays starting the Friday after Thanksgiving and runs until the second week of January. Unlike most of the trolley museums in New England, the yard is located a little ways down the tracks rather than being right at the office where you buy your tickets.
After getting slammed by Sandy and Hurricane Irene, the museum decided to move to higher ground by relocating its yard and building new car barns. The train display is open free of charge to the public and all donations go directly to the upkeep and programs of the Connecticut Cellar Savers Fire Museum. The largest layout at the museum even has push buttons so that visitors can be part of the action of the layout.

The Connecticut Company operated its last streetcar in East Haven in March of 1947, when a group called the Branford Electric Railway Association took ownership of the 1 ? right-of-way. This means you will need to take a trolley back to the office once you’re done touring the yard or taking another trip. Children are encouraged to complete the scavenger hunt and enter to win a prize basket of toys drawn in January.
The line begins at the end of River Street and takes you on a scenic trip along the coast line. For those who also enjoy fire fighting history, don't worry, there is plenty of fire memorabilia in the museum during this time!

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