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Because Life-Like is currently the only model railroad company out there that makes HO train sets like the ones commonly found from them, Bachmann, Tyco and others during the 1970s to the 1990s, I thought I would do a rundown of sorts on what their current offerings are. Replace the existing Union Pacific locomotive, caboose and rolling stock in the above set with a six-unit "patriotic"-themed train hauled by an F7 locomotive, and you've got Salute to America!
This train set I got for Christmas 2010 from my old man when I decided to give my model railroad layout an overhaul then.
When I got this, I also got a new grass mat to set it up on the 4x8 sheet of plywood, and additional track sections for making sidings and stuff.
This has been available since the late 1990s and hasn't changed, except for the packaging style. Seeing what Life-Like has to offer, it does kinda seem like not much has changed with how Life-Like makes train sets since the 1980s! During the era of the American Civil War, railroads, and travel by rail, were still in their relative infancy.
The Wonderful World of Model Railroading LGB sets are ideal for introducing kids to the wonders of model railroading. I have figured out what is wrong with my brain!  On the left side nothing works right, and on the right side there is nothing left!
I had a few Lionel HO items from their first go-around with the scale circa 1960, all long since gone. A hopper car of a paint scheme I can no longer recall (Alaska Railroad?) had nicely sprung metal trucks with an interesting bolster system. Somewhere I have an HO scale switchman's shanty with a switchman who pops out when a train is nearby -- an HO version of one of their O scale action accessories. Made that 3 times because in the 90s (?)they made a ho scale turbine that IIRC either didnt sell well or made too many that were heavily discounted atcsome point. Their HO trains were due to the enormous leap in HO's popularity after WWII and a fall off in the O scale line.

You did realize that site is where I got the Lionel ad I linked to in my post from last Friday (3 or so posts above this)?Guess in future posts I'll have to link to the home page of interesting sites in addition to the page in question. It's actually a re-tooled version of a conventional track set Life-Like offered in the 1990s. I still have the locomotive and the included freight cars, but now most of them use knuckle couplers!
This has a very vintage Tyco-like track arrangement (in Power-Loc, though) with manual switches.
It also includes the elevated commuter station building kit, the Woodlawn Police Station and Hampden Fire Station building kits, autos, street signs and utility poles. The 4-4-0 steam locomotives and diminutive 8-wheel rolling stock of this period were mere shadows of the 2-10-4 and 4-8-2 smoke belching behemoths and elaborate 8 and 12 wheel 50-80' coaches yet to come. Building the layout encourages creativity and the Big Train set even has stickers so kids can decorate the train to make it their own. These are kind of meant to be played with on a floor or something, hence the Power-Loc track, but the higher-end ones seem more like they are designed for use on plywood or something!
The circle of conventional track was replaced with a 47x38" oval of Power-Loc track, and the F40PH locomotive and caboose changed from Union Pacific to Santa Fe. I'm actually thinking of getting this near the holidays to run on my layout for the Christmas 2013 season (sans the Power-Loc track, of course ). I also still have the stock pen, railroad crossing and station building kit on the layout as well.
It also includes the log dump, trackside shanty building kits, signal bridge, signs and utility poles, even a tunnel (this is assembled using Life-Like's mountain paper crumpled into the mountain-like terrain and then glued or stapled onto the included cardboard tunnel supports. It also includes the log dump, railroad crossing, trackside shanty building kits, autos, figures, trees, mountain paper tunnel, signs and utility poles. This actually makes a good starter set for those who want to install it on plywood right away with a grass mat or something!
Barnum Circus Train Set, Micro Trains has perfectly captured the look, feel and scale of post Civil War rail travel.

The Big Train set includes a steam locomotive with working headlight, a colorful passenger coach and a gondola. And every train offers an opportunity to learn history, whether it‘s about a steam locomotive or a passenger car. Though modeled in true N Scale, the actual size of the set pieces may come as a surprise. Best of all, the large size, bright colors and durability of LGB trains provide hours of fun, both indoors and out.
Big Train, Big Fun Connecting track, setting cars on the track, opening doors, placing stickers – it’s all part of the fun with an LGB set. The large size makes it easy to place trains on the track and the durable construction stands up to frequent handling. This early steam era set from Micro Trains is simply one of the most beautiful, and coolest, N Scale train sets ever produced.
As we have come to expect from Micro Trains, the detail, quality and craftsmanship are all impeccable. The three new Circus Wagon loads included are spectacular and the look and presence of this landmark introduction has never been seen before. Sturdy & Strong, Indoors & Out Trains are carefully engineered to run on very sharp curves so they stay on the track even on uneven surfaces. With Micro Trains notorious limited two year product cycle, this model number 99321190 will, like the era it represents, also fade into history. The set is designed for use indoors and out with gearboxes that are protected from dirt and moisture and track rails machined from solid virgin brass. Stainz 0-4-0T steam locomotive, passenger coach, gondola with load, sticker sheet, circle of track, quick connect cable, controller and instructions.

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