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Hornbys' Railroad range contains many of the robust and reliable Hornby trains, ideal for young railway enthusiasts. Really desiring to build bigger and more powerful locomotives the GWRs' finest locomotive engineer, George Jackson Churchward tested a number of inovative ideas, including French-built DeGlenn compound atlantics 4-4-2s. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Track is added to create a second circuit to run a second train, plus sidings to accomodate more wagons and spare locomotives. Churchwards designs set the template for the remainder of the GWRs' existance, lococomotives so far ahead of their time in the 1900s that the basic design was still considered state-of-th-art half a century later. The locos and rolling stock are also compatible as the couplings are very alike and will connect without problem.

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Many of the large locomotives have similar specifications to the latest Hornby engines, but are not fitted with the many fine details found on the collectors models. The County class 4-4-0 was built as a stop-gap locomotive, in 1904 Churchward wanted to build 4-6-0s, but other engineers were concerned about the size of these new locomotives.
Both use a mains powered controller providing a 12v variable speed supply for one locomotive.
Ideal for handling by young modellers and as a starting point for super-detailing projects.
Churchwards' answer was to use the powerful 2-cylinder engine designed for the Saint class 4-6-0, but a shorten the frame to the 4-4-0 arrangement.

The Hornby Railroad range includes several budget priced train packs ideal for adding another train to your train set. The result was a locomotive of immense power and a reputation for a rough ride as the drivers whipped 70+mph out of their new machines.
Being something of a stop-gap the 4-4-0 Countys were withdrawn early, replaced by the 4-6-0 locomotives originailly intended. The last of the 4-4-0 Countys was withdrawn in 1933, but the names were revived in the late 1940s for a new class of powerful 2-cylinder 4-6-0 locomotives designed by the GWRs' last chief engineer, F W Hawksworth.

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