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This station is a replica of the station that was owned by Steve's Father which was located in West Branch, Michigan during the 1930's and 40's.
The roundhouse which is under construction has two enormous cranes that are placing the roof trusses. Pictured here is a view of the bustling down town area and train depot as people board the next train. Here the train makes a stop at the logging camp and while there, picks up a load of stone at the quarry.
This Ford Dealership is named in honor of our very good friend, Jimmy Walker, who passed away at the age 42. All units are completely assembled; simply couple them together and add your favorite motive power!

To the left are children skating in the park and skiers make their way down the mountain below the observatory. He was very instrumental in the restoration of this 1915 Model T Ford Depot Hack that is currently being worked by Jimmy's head mechanic.
Additional detail parts include stainless steel placards where appropriate, detailed wheels with separate rubber tires, and Kadee metal wheels. Stainless steel handrails and steps have been added and painted, and the standard coupler has been replaced with a Kadee #5 coupler. Extra painting includes aluminum roofs, separate wheels and bumpers painted to match the RoadRailer bodies, and black painted underbodies to eliminate inconsistencies in plastic colors and visible screw heads. The factory weights were secured with screws and adhesive to prevent rattling, and a full additional ounce of weight was added to bring the weight up to 4.5 ounces per car!

The photo below shows a super-detailed RoadRailer (left) next to a RoadRailer assembled from the standard Bowser kit (right). I bought their other products before and they are really good quality plus unlike the other Russian place you mentioned they are produced in the USA by Americans! Petersburg is unique in the World, in that they do exact replicas of urban streetcars, trams and rapids, in their original liveries. They were double ended, meaning either side could act as the front, with both ends having a motorman's booth and controls etc.

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