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A list of the library’s more than 4,000 catalogued items can be accessed on the SBHRS website. It’s easy to get caught up in the history when talking with enthusiasts like Marshall, Wagner, and SBHRS historian Doug Gross, whose uncle worked for Southern Pacific. The restored Harriman style 1926 Southern Pacific Switch Tower is the only one of its style in the country still in its original location.
Weekend open house activities included a Company Store swap meet of model railroad items and viewing of extensive railroad artifacts and memorabilia. Train and model railroad enthusiasts won’t want to miss Wenham Museum’s 22nd Annual Model Railroad and Toy Hobby Show featuring many dealer tables where you can buy, swap and sell everything from equipment and memorabilia to toys, books, and photographs. Note: Hobby Show held at the Bessie Buker Elementary School , and is within walking distance or a short drive from the museum located less than a mile walk from the Buker School. I started as one of the kids and just never grew out of it," says Robert Marshall, president of the approximately 100-member SBHRS. Wagner has been told that the state railroad library in Sacramento is the only library in the state with more railroad items.

Over the years, many abandoned railroad towers were taken over by homeless people and accidentally burned down. Two fully-operating, museum-quality, HO and N-scale model railroad layouts built by SBHRS members are part of the historic depot’s Edward Peterman Museum of Railroad History.
When fully restored, the 1912 Pullman railcar will be rented out for dinners to raise funds to support the volunteer-run museum.
Visit the museum to see a special model train layout created by NMRA Hub Division Modular Railroad Group on display for the annual show only! All Hobby Show ticket holders will receive half-price admission to the museum this day only. Yes, it is the largest, finest, greatest and biggest model train layout of the Netherlands located in the city of Rotterdam. During WWII the Army had an office at the depot to oversee war supplies passing through the station, which was built in three stages, beginning in 1863. Your skills get better and your taste changes," says charter SBHRS member Robin Gilstrom.

The depot has been leased from Caltrain since 1986 in return for the building’s restoration and upkeep. This model railway exhibition is built in HO scale and currently covers an area of almost 600 square meters. Holland respectively the Netherlands are presented with coasts, landscapes, railway lines, wind mills, trains, docks, buildings, ships and much more.
Core of the entire model railway exhibition is the port of Rotterdam with container ships, terminal, dry dock, industrial plants and many bridges. Enormous amount of space is also devoted to the reconstruction of the city center of Rotterdam and its central station.

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