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Black and white glamour photo of a young woman wearing a black dress posing next to a changing screen. A lomography photo of the long closed Ambassador East Motel located in Downtown Las Vegas on Fremont Street.
A lomography photo of the California Hotel and Casino located in Downtown Las Vegas near Fremont Street.
Sexy glamour boudnoir photo shot featuring an Asian inspired dress by fashion designer Bebe dress. Macro photography of a orange and yellow flower with a green insect on it, taken at Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Black and white photo of Downtown Las Vegas Fremont Street taken with a Rolleiflex TLR and developed in Caffenol, coffee and vitamin C.
Black and white photo of the Main Street and California Hotel & Casino located in Downtown Las Vegas, taken with a Rolleiflex TLR and developed in Caffenol, coffee and vitamin C. Although they call it a newspaper office, the nondescript building could be used for almost sort of small business, office or storefront. The stain also helps seal the wood to prevent warping if you paint it.To build up the color with a stain, apply multiple light coats, lightly buffing with an old cloth in between.
Despite staining both sides of the wood (perhaps not deeply enough), the long walls of the kit warped when the interior side of the walls was painted. These little clamps can be found in hobby catalogs and also frequently show up in discount tool bins in hardware stores. Floor and WallsThis kit did not include any provisions for an interior, but it is not difficult to add one. Model making satisfies the desire of the designer, developer, investor, or enthusiast to see their ideas in 3D miniature or scale form to get a good representation of what the full scale design will look like. The Xenetech XL series lasers are ideal for producing model pieces in acrylic, wood, paper, and other materials. I have built several models using Corel Draw X3 software and a Xenetech laser, including a large suspension bridge and a replica of an old western city. The city is complete with a hotel, saloon, mercantile store, jail, train station, water tower, and of course, a boot hill with gallows. Once you’ve engraved and cut the pieces, starting with the building front piece, insert the tabs into the side wall slots and add all of the walls.

Read on for a step by step tutorial on how to develop film using coffee and vitamin c, also known as Caffenol. In fact, while there are some differences the same essential modeling skills and techniques apply. If you are going to paint interior walls, stain the inside as well.After staining, walls can also be painted as with any other kit. Fortunately, warps like this are easy to correct.The kit includes 10x12 stock for the foundation of the walls. You can never have too many in your toolbox!Leave the clamps in place until the glue has completely set.
Unlike other plastic kits or laser-cut kits with tabs in the walls for a matched joint, this particular wood kit leaves making the corners square up to the modeler.To keep the corners square, line everything up using a builders square, apply wood glue, and hold everything in place using magnets.
The floor was made from a piece of balsa wood cut to fit and attaches directly to the foundation beams. This left a nice weathered wood look which matches the bare-wood look of these walls.After the windows were dry, glass was cut from the clear acetate plastic included with the kit and inserted in each pane. Actually, using natural materials such as wood makes it even easier to create realistic finishes and weathering.As with learning any new technique, it is always a good idea to start on a simple project. Doors and windows are plastic, cast metal parts are used for the cornice, chimney pipes and other details. For different kits, you could also add an extra brace on the interior using bass wood strips. As this will be a foreground structure with large windows in the front, a little extra effort here will really pay off. The color of the wood looked close enough to a pine floor that it was left unpainted.An interior wall was made from a piece of scribed wood siding.
Even though most of the windows were molded in white, the side and rear windows were still painted white to eliminate the plastic look and make the weathering powders stick better.After painting, the windows were dusted with gray weathering chalks.
This kit, marketed as a Newspaper Office, from Durango Press (now part of JL Innovative Designs) is one such model. Cardstock is supplied for the roof.Before starting any kit, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with all the parts and assembly process. In general, interior scenes do not need to be as detailed as the exterior as they can only be viewed from limited angles and lighting.

With a little paint, this figure could have been turned into any person, but I eventually settled on leaving him in uniform.The desk was modified with the removal of the modern desk lamp and the addition of some paper piles and a painted blotter. A cracked pane was made by scratching the plastic with a hobby knife.The windows and doors all fit a little loosely in the pre-cut wall openings.
Scribed styrene could also be used, but the wood provided an easier option without the need for any extra painting or treatments.The wall was measured for length and the profile of the peaked roof was matched from the rear wall of the kit. Attach the parts using cyanoacrylate (CA) and make sure they are level.For added detail, one window was fitted with iron security bars.
Check the wood parts for any rough edges and sand if necessary.StainingThe first step in the assembly process is to stain the wood parts. Wall hangings and the door to the back rooms (not modeled) were made on cardstock.A dog, also a Preiser figure, stands alert and barking at the door in a futile attempt to alert the officer to strange noises from the rear.
The bars are nothing more than 22 gauge wire stripped of insulation, straighted and painted grimy black.
That scene will compliment the finished structure where a figure will be seen escaping from a hole under the foundation.
I found a nice gray stain from Minwax which worked perfectly to simulate aged and untreated wood. This will divide the finished and unfinished portions of the interior and provide a support for the light.DetailsSince this kit could have developed into any number of businesses, a trip to the hobby shop determined its identity.
Little scenes like that, no matter how improbable, can add a whole new dimension to a layout.LightingLighting for the interior is a single 14 volt grain-of-wheat bulb.
The bulb is positioned near the peak of the roof and attached through a hole in the interior wall.
This allows the light to fully illuminate the scene without being seen.The wires continue through another hole in the floor to a wiring bus below the scenery. Details would be less visible through these windows and having some light and dark spaces in any building increases authenticity.

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