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The Tri-ang brand name was created by Lines Bros Ltd which was a British toy manufacturer of the 20th century. In 1887 they applied for a patent for a toy horse invention.This year was also Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee so the new horse became known as the 'Jubilee Hobby Horse'.
Although Joseph's sons had set up their own company, they all remained on good terms.The original firm of G. The earliest surviving catalogues, which date from the early 20th century, show solid-looking town houses and mansions. Tri-ang sold a large range of dolls' houses, all of which reflected popular taste in domestic architecture and interiors, including cottages with and without thatches, country houses, bungalows, and geometric Modern Dolls Houses of the 1930s. Tri-ang also made dolls' house furniture to go with their range of houses, including a period range, and a large number of fretwork kits. In 1951 Lines Bros purchased fifty percent of the Australian toy company Cyclops, which became Cyclops & Lines Brothers (Australia) Ltd.
Between 1971 -72, due to failing business overseas and uncertain demand in the UK the Lines Brothers empire collapsed and was sold off in sections to other companies.
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Joseph had employed his three sons, William, Walter and Arthur as soon as they left school. They were full of new ideas and in the same year the three bothers set up on their own to form a new company, Lines Bros.
A 1922 Lines Brothers Advert (double page) showed that they had 27 different Model Doll's Houses and Period Furniture to match.

However, it was the range of Tudor houses that proved to be the most popular and these were manufactured for several decades. They now had over 1,000 staff and they bought the famous London toy store, Hamleys In 1933 they became a public company when 200,000 shares were issued. They made machine guns and magazines for Hurricane and Spitfire aircraft, as well as shell cases and land mine cases. The remaining 50% of Cyclops was purchased in 1955, and this company in turn took over Moldex Ltd., based in Melbourne.
In the report, the Chinese government for the first time provides details about what happened in the hour before the crash, reports Han Qiao from China Features in Beijing. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). They were sent to evening classes at Camden School of Arts and attended building, carpentry and cabinet making classes so that they could develop as allround toy-makers.
In 1924 they re branded the company as Triangtois -a triangle is made up of three lines (three Lines brothers) and then later changed the name to Tri-ang Toys. Lines continued in business until Joseph's death on 31st December 1931, then the company merged with Tri-ang.
Included in this new acquisition was a range of plastic moulding equipment to produce Tri-ang scale model railways and Pedigree dolls. THE report, published last month on the Chinese government's website, into the causes of the collision last year between two high-speed trains near Wenzhou has concluded design flaws and poor management were to blame for the fatal crash.
This acquisition of overseas companies, which continued for the next 20 years, was necessary for the continued growth of Lines Bros.
This was followed with new factories in Durban, Natal and Mokeni, producing toys and Pedigree carriages.

Railway workers at both Shanghai and Wenzhou did not notify the driver of Train D301 that Train D3115 was ahead of it in a timely manner. Afterwards, the State Council announced that 54 Chinese officials were being held accountable and several have now been removed from their posts while the rest are being disciplined.
The State Council stressed the importance of quality control in the high-speed railway system and equipment, and said China should establish the recall system for faulty high-speed railway products. China will also set higher standards for selecting technicians working in the high-speed railway sector, and improve the skills of professionals in this area. The sector has been hit hard as the government tightened liquidity and the fatal Wenzhou accident eroded investors' confidence affecting the ministry's ability to borrow money or sell bonds. As long as China strengthens the quality of its railway management, improves safety, and puts more effort into technical innovation, the Chinese high-speed rail sector will advance in a scientific, safe and sustainable manner, the meeting concluded. A fuse in data collection unit blows out, cutting off the electronic channel for messages to pass between trains and the control centre.
As there are no trains on the section monitored by Wenzhou South prior to the blowout, signals remain at green. Frequent lightning strikes also cause a fault in the track circuit of the 750m block section 5829AG between Yongjia and Wenzhou South. A red zone warning flashed on the screen at Wenzhou South control centre indicating the problem in the 5829AG section.
Shanghai warns Yongjia and Wenzhou South not to rely on the automatic mode of train dispatching and orders them to dispatch trains manually.

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