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I have several videos of Norfolk Southern, Union Pacific, and other trains going slowly around curves, and there is a lot of banging-type noise that sounds like one or more wheels slipping because of the difference in rotation, even on locomotives. Your comment about how you can see where the wheel taper could keep the wheels centered on a straight track assumes, I think, that the wheels kind of fall to the center because of gravity and the taper. Going back to your second sentence, I think you're talking about the predecessor of stringlining (where the train is pulled off towards the inside of a curve).
Wherever it's physically possible the prototype prefers curves which can be handled without the wheel flanges actually contacting the railheads.

The price is determined by the copyright owner, quality of the digital file and the resolution. It looks to me, that if you are pulling a train around a curve the inside wheels move toward the inside rail head making them larger diamenter and the outside wheel sets move away from the railhead making the outside wheel set smaller. Most of the book has to do with turnouts but there are some degrees of curvature and engineering formulas. I looked through my copy of the CE78 dated 1906 on construction and maintenance of track and stucture but did not find anything about degrees of curvature and super elevation adjustment.

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