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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. At 1-35200 scale to the real thing, the five-carriage train travels around an oval route including ride through a tunnel. Powered by a standard two-inch-long rotating motor head and carved out of mouldable plastic, the model train cost Mr Smith just over A?6 to make. Find Tudor Court Model Village and German Model Train World at Brookfield Margate south of Hobart.Discover the life of early England, stories of poachers, archers, and gypsies. I had walked past Southport Model Railway Village but never paid the three pounds fifty to get past the gate and fully explore the village. See the intricate work where John cut match sticks into thirty pieces to make the tiny stain glass windows. I love it, there is so much to photograph, espically when you get a nice sunny day like we had.
The above image shows one of the LGB trains coming under one of the many bridges on the 1.5 acres of beautiful miniature landscape.

So don’t be disappointed not to find Skegness buildings in miniature within the Model Village.
There are a few more photos to show you in the future that I took on that day of the model village and both Mark and I hope to go back at some point in the next few months for a longer photography session. Skegness Model Villages does seem to hold a magical quality particularly for small children, It’s nice to go and see once. You are then taken on a journey to Germany and visit the German Model Train World built by Eric Sablowski. The night lights finish the breathtaking tour.Each tour takes about 35 minutes leaving you time to relax and enjoy some food at our retro cafe in the heritage listed Brookfield Shed. Whilst in Margate visit the Inverawe Native Gardens situated behind the popular Margate Train.
Also the Channel Heritage Centre is a must.Tour times of the Tudor Court Model Village and German Model Train World are 1000, 1100, 1400,1500, 1600 or other prearranged times.
I would say this Skegness Attraction is best suited for old people who would like going for nostalgic reasons and small children (under 10 years) who can feel like a giants walking around the tiny buildings, for once they are not the smallest thing around at this Skegness Attraction :-), but it lost my interest quiet quickly.

It’s just the way of the world now, people and especially the kids of this generation want something a bit more interactive, and the price of the Model Village is no joke for an attraction that has little to offer. I have to say Model Villages seem to be a dieing breed, they all seem to follow the same format in style, but other model villages seemed to offer more than Skegness in that they have expanded to include other activities and facilities so have kept up to date in the type of attraction people want to visit and just as importantly REVISIT. My eldest 14 wasn’t that impressed and was relieved when we left, he said it was nice, but once round was enough.
The fair rides and arcades can more than compensate for the lack of stimulation and I’m sure that anyone who visits this model village will be able to locate a suitable outlet for refreashments should the need arise.

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