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The DCC controller generates a digital signal packet, which is capable of communicating with several locomotives on your model train layout. In addition to locomotive control, DCC digital signal packets can also be used to control stationary devices such as turnouts and other model train accessories in a wireless fashion.   This is a big breakthrough in the model trains hobby.
1)      The waveform is Bi-Polar with its voltage varying between + 14 volts and – 14 volts. 2)      It is Pulse Width Modulated in such away as to provide a digital command to the locomotive’s decoder or other device containing a decoder. 3)      It is not a periodic waveform, meaning it does not repeat itself as an AC signal does. The above manufacturers will generally supply locomotives that are DCC ready (Have  internal wiring and NMRA compatible connector without Mobile Detector) or DCC installed (Has Mobile Detector installed).  In addition, locomotives are available with or without Sound Decoders.

With DCC operation, it is possible to control many trains simultaneously on the same track.
If a locomotive is of the Direct Current (DC) variety it will likely use 2 rails instead of  3 as used with the Alternating Current (AC) Lionel Trains. Hence your controller or booster must have the capability of shutting down in the event of a short. A digital instruction code follows the address which controls the locomotive’s speed, direction, sounds, and lighting effects just to name a few. Even Z scale model trains and on30 scale which are not as popular can be operated with DCC. Hence, the wire size chosen must not only be capable of supplying several trains, but it must also be capable of turning off the controller or booster if a short is detected at the greatest distance from the booster or controller .

There are also DCC controllers that are wireless, permitting the operator to walk freely around the model train track layout at the same time.
As required, in order to provide adequate current to run several locomotives at once, a Booster device is added to amplify the DCC current.

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