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So what did your list of "musts and wants" (givens and druthers) end up looking like? Turnouts are Peco code 55 (those brits have small homes - they make turnouts intended for small layouts). Granted, this could be problematic if you have a high scenic profile, or lots and lots of structures. Any other ways of organizing the room so the OP would both have room for the bed and a hollow core door layout ?
But since you used my plan as a basis, I felt I should at least note some issues that often crop up with newcomers' plans that are reflected in your adaptation. Adding length is always helpful and in that size you'll have no problem developing a workable plan. In real life, these sorts of situations are much more commonly handled by a crossing (crudely illustrated at B3).
Many newcomers to model railroad CAD create unexpected and potentially problematic S-curves such as the one that appears at E.
I hope these comments will be helpful to you and to the others who are working to help you with your plan. The length of the lead does not seem very important to me, since making up cuts of cars is done in the yard. When I'm not working on the layout, it gets folded up and set back in a corner of the garage.

You have to have a certain level of comfort with what you're building, and confidence that the track plan will allow you to do what you want to do. It looks as if some of them are planned as being just a 5-inch straight track tacked onto the end of a turnout, but that is really only enough space for a single 40-foot boxcar to be spotted, clear of the other route of the switch. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
The track plan book project is still planned, but deferred until at least late in the year.
Designating one or two yard tracks as the interchange connection would be typical of many real-life situations and most efficient, although a separate interchange connection appeared in many places.
You have situations at both B1 and B2 where you have industries on both wings of a switchback. In real life, industries such as grain elevators have cars spotted at one end of the track, then they are rolled by gravity (or pulled with a cable) below the dump spout or over an unloading grate to be filled or emptied. D2 also interferes a bit with the last yard track (D3), since you must leave it open if an engine is going to run down there.
By flipping this crossover the other-way-'round or moving it down a bit, you can eliminate the s-curve. And maybe avoid the industry tracks the OP seem to persists in trying to add at the rear of his layout, where he cannot easily reach them to couple or uncouple cars.
If the OP has some space left, which he may occupy even only temporarily, he can add two cassettes for staging to the left of the layout - just as MR did in their project.

If you get it wrong, you will have learned something for your next layout about what not to do.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
If you walk through the switching of the industries, you'll see that cars probably must be removed from the County Co-op (and possibly from the industries opposite ADM) before you can switch the industries on the other wing.
This requires extra room on each side of the industry that many modelers incorrectly do not provide. Longer spur tracks have a tendency to fill in all that interior space in the loop, as can be seen from the other track plan examples that have been offered. This is usually a bad idea and is avoided on the real-life railroads, although the arrangement is often seen on published model track plans.
And if one is really turned on by switching maneuvers, longer spurs have to potential to force you to consider not just which car goes to which building, but also what order they are spotted in. The issue is not unfamiliar to me, since the very same problem is part of coal haulers daily routine.
Or maybe everything turns out great, and you can incorporate this starter layout into a larger operation after you make the move to a different home.

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