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A little to young to remember those days, but the backyard of our old family home on Waterloo St (right by the Roger St grade crossing) ran into the spur. Never thought of it until now, but I guess that makes my first railfanning experience when I was 2 years old. I believe there was a small turn table just past the chemical plant for turning steam engines. Being that like other above, I live in the area, and look forward to seeing this planned out to the end and seeing trains run.

We are fortunate enough to be able to spend a couple of weeks as a family at a cottage near Parry Sound, ON. Referring to pictures I took of the trackage in Elmira, even though the tops of the ties are all different shades of brown and grey, the underlying dark creosote brown is evident on the exposed ends and sides of twelve ties.
I'll have to figure I out, as I need the ties painted in order to be able to assemble the switches, which is the big goal to accomplish before going home.
I followed the method Lance Mindheim outlined in his excellent book, How to Build a Shelf Layout.

At my outdoor cottage work table I tacked the strips to the sticky side of shelf cupboard liner and brought out a tube of raw umber oil paint and mineral spirits. And selectively painting the sides and ends will be difficult, or at the very least very time-consuming.

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