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In the 1970s, problems that had challenged the railroad industry for decades came to a head.
Welcome to Classic Trains, a magazine and website celebrating the North American Railroad scene from the 1920s through the 1970s. You’ll find 44 pages of in-depth stories about 6 fallen flag railroad companies that would eventually make up Conrail. I just wanted to say thank you MRH for allowing the download information, i do not have web access at my home and with me being able to download i have the opportunity to read and learn even when I cant access the web. Scroll to the top of this page and just under the computer monitor graphic you will find all you need to know about accessing MRH articles via our index.

That gives you a comprehensive list of all the posts on our website about couplers, for example. If you want to share something that takes more words and pictures, there are the free blogs. The ad is on spread 130 of the Landscape version - the disk is $10 with a $20 off coupon for TMTV - so you're actually money ahead if you buy this disk and also want to give TMTV a try. Any chance of these links being corrected to point to the podcasts instead of the magazine PDFs? Thanks Joe, I guess I was confused seeing the PDF files mixed in with the mp3 files, I was only expecting mp3.

In that tumultuous final decade of classic-era railroading, vintage diesels carried the torch one last time, the echoes of the great streamliners faded away, and a beleaguered yet resilient industry coped with crisis.
Still remember learning of his death and how, as time passed, his layout met with a devastating end by fire. As much as it is a handy tool, it is not browser friendly or intuitive and is not a replacement for a simple, nicely sorted, collection of contents from each issue.

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