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Google Ads are only seen by non-members of RMweb - Create an RMweb account and you'll only receive modelling ads. With an HO layout that's only 20ft long I'm particularly partial to short trains but they have to be realistic short trains. There is a photo in Pennsylvania Railroad's Elmira Branch of train 595 or 596 (Williamsport to Canandaigua) in 1956. Another possibility would be similar to Chris's first example but hauled by a GMD-1 an a couple of coaches with a boxcar tossed in for LCL freight.
The VIA trains west of Toronto are, I think, supposed to use the HEP-II coaches, although they frequently mix in the HEP-I.

HEP-I are the ones used on the Canadian and are mostly the old CPR cars plus a few second hand units. The typical twice-weekly Wellsboro and Corning train was (before the Marcellus shale fracking started) their SW7 and 1-2 boxcars or covered hoppers serving the Sylvania factory in Wellsboro.
Come to that you could do the same but with an RS-3 for motive power to take things back a bit further. As best I can tell, the HEP-II have a yellow and blue stripe along the letterboard; the rest have just a blue stripe. My friendly VIA engineer calls it 'the train they love to hate' as it runs via 'the back way' including stretches of 30mph single track on the GEXR (Goderich & Exeter Railway).

These were far more comfortable than the LRC stock that I came back on via the much less interesting main line route.

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