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Purchaser (licensee) is responsible for securing necessary releases for unreleased images if required for intended usage. There were so many things to look at… Not just the trains, the engines and cars, but all the figures, cars, animals, and details in the layout. And then you’ll need to make at least one more trip looking at the vintage railroad engines and cars displayed on the walls and on the side of the layout!
The bubbling oil rig lights that look like vintage bubble light Christmas tree ornaments were a complete surprise. You can delete the comment if inappropriate, but I was pointed to this site a year ago by someone, and there were so many train layouts under Christmas trees that I spent the twelve days of Christmas looking at them. Welcome to Hin's Photo Corner, this is my learning blog on photography, blogging and advertising. Take a journey through our superb model railway exhibition, all housed in our standard gauge coaches.
Recently I was sent an email showing an absolutely fantastic N scale layout made by husband and wife team Chris and Andrea Butlin, who live in the small village of Sutton upon Derwent just outside of York, UK.
What I love about this layout is the fact that there is so much detail in a relatively small space. I’ve attached some photos of the N gauge layout that we have on a board 80cm x 120cm. My wife Andrea has done all the scenery using her expertise from previously dealing with dolls’ houses. She’s only been dealing with model railways for a couple of years so is very much a novice, but I think quite an accomplished one.

Dan Morgan fell in love with model trains at the age of six when he visited an NMRA Convention in Seattle with his father. Well Chris your wife has a gift of doing what she does to make the layout look lifelike to all who see it close up.
I don’t recall word for word, but it was so alarming that I indeed remained glued to the station and watched the news especially for that report. I myself was completely smitten with the Lionel Madison Hardware Shop model — there was a miniature model train set in the miniature store window!
I thought my older boy would love to see the moving trains but he happened to be more into the cookies but he kept me in great company in seeing the train show.
Experience the delights of a miniature world with 14 layouts and 40 trains in motion.  Press the buttons to make the trains go! My only input was the layout of rails, the electrics, commenting on things and providing encouragement.
The people, bicycles, signs, signals, lamps, cars, buses, telephone box, ducks, pigs, cows etc.
As a professional painter, Helen has learnt through Dan about Model Trains and they now enjoy working on projects together.
Having only started at the beginning of the year I started 2 layouts and thought I would be finished in 6 weeks. It’s not just the rush of the choo-choos, the excitement of their woo-woos, but the chance to build the whole miniature world! But if you consider the years you can take to build and grow your set, it’s achievable to do it piece by piece.

I guess it’s like looking at photos of the interiors of General Stores from the past. I enjoyed the model train show very much and the museum has great display of history and artifacts related to train and railway operation.I can't wait to bring my younger boy to see it on June 1st as the weekly opening will not have 15 model trains replica of new and old trains running in the track for display for the public to enjoy. A series of I spys encourages the visitor to explore the humour and intricacies of the layouts.
So enjoy the pictures and the email (you can click on the pictures to view the full size image). After achieving a successful career in architecture, Dan’s particular interest is within layouts and buildings. The only member of the family who isn’t allowed to join in is their over-enthusiastic Labrador called William who has been strictly banned from the workshop! With a wealth of knowledge on the subject, Dan loves nothing more than sharing this with others and is delighted in the forum of members who are brought together over the hobby they have in common. There are those who know, by looking at a photo of a train layout not only when the photo was taken, but where the whole shebang came from. My younger boy was sick again in the weekend; otherwise, he would have a blast with the moving trains like myself. My older boy loves to play with things and he is not someone enjoying things that he can't touch but my younger boy are mellow like me in observation with great appreciation to things we see.

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