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Calling all train enthusiasts…make plans to visit the 3rd Annual Holiday Model Train Exhibit at ArtSpace in Round Rock!
You can watch trains travel through city scenes, snow villages, oil fields, a farm scene, and an animated carnival. The half-inch G-scale trains ply a Japanese water garden with waterfalls, a pond garden, rose gardens, a Snoopy topiary built especially for Siletsa€™ grandsons, and other floral landscapes.Also open to the daya€™s visitors was the private train museum on Siletsa€™ propertyThe Harvey M. Down to business: Though Silets (left) has plenty of personal passion for her trains, they are also her business. For visitors, the once a year opportunity was well worth the $10 entrance fee.a€?It was fun,a€™ young Ethan Sparks told the Barrington Courier-Review as he reluctantly stepped off a replica Hogwarts Express train, inspired by the Harry Potter film and book seriesVisitors continually thanked Silets for inviting the public onto her estate.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. When the steam locomotive came into use, nearly all wheeled vehicles were pulled by horses, mules or oxen—mostly horses. On its arrival at the engine terminal, the engine is taken to the coaling station to be refueled. If the engine requires further attention to put it in condition for the next run, it is taken to the roundhouse. Long pits between the tracks in the stalls permit inspection and repair of locomotives from underneath.

One of the most interesting features of the roundhouse is the turntable, by which locomotives are turned so as to enter or leave the stalls, or by which locomotives may be turned around. When the engine is in position on the turntable, as shown in the picture, the operator moves the turntable slowly, by means of an electric or gasoline motor, to a track leading to an empty stall or to the terminal yard. There are many workers at the roundhouse — machinists, boilermakers,helpers, wipers, and so on.
The Tinplate Trackers will have trains on display each Wednesday through Sunday from 11 a.m.
Last year, more than 7,000 people came to the gallery in downtown Round Rock to see the model train show and the exhibition of local artwork. We love to be out and about in Austin and are always looking for fun things to do with the family. At the terminal is the roundhouse, where engines are cleaned and given light or "running" repairs, and made ready for their next runs. There are also rooms for storing supplies, a tool house, lockers for the workmen, and a small office for the master mechanic or foreman in charge of the roundhouse.
The turntable is pivoted at the center and is supported at the ends by wheels which run on a circular track.
The engine terminal also includes a coaling station, a water tank, a sand house, an oil house and an ash pit.

Many roundhouses are semi-circular in shape, many others form a complete circle except for one or two openings for entrance and exit tracks.
He receives reports from the locomotive engineers and inspectors on the condition of the engines and decides what work shall be done on them. Then, the engine is moved to the ash pit where the fire-grates are cleaned and ashes and cinders are removed from under the firebox. Turntables must be built to accommodate the heaviest and longest locomotives employed on the railroad, or at least on the local division of the railroad. Isna€™t it beautiful?'Proceeds from Saturdaya€™s event will go toward providing scholarships to promising artists who hope to attend the prestigious Interlochen Summer Arts Camp in Michigan, of which Silets is an alum, but who dona€™t have the financial ability. A hostler is about to take the engine in the picture out to the track where it will be placed in readiness for its next trip.

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