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The 2015 Vancouver Train Expo attracted kids of all ages to the PNE Forum this past weekend. Model railroader Tony Jackson tinkered with his Queensborough Park display during Saturday afternoona€™s portion of the 2015 Vancouver Train Expo at the PNE Forum.
The 2015 Vancouver Train Expo attracted thousands of kids of all ages to the PNE Forum this past weekend.
The 2015 Vancouver Train Expo is an annual model railroad show that is sponsored by the National Model Railroad Association. There are many different aspects to model railroading which include modeling, scenery, and real-life scale recreations to name a few. In addition to model railroads, there were also interactive displays, and a ride-on model train at the 2015 Vancouver Train Expo at the PNE Forum held this past weekend. North American Railcar Corporation president Dan Huberman was one of the many vendors at the 2015 Vancouver Train Expo at the PNE Forum this past weeknd.
The relationship between man and machine can be a complex one, especially if your name is Dan Huberman. He may be unknown to those outside the world of model trains, but the people behind the manufacturing of Canadian railcars a€” the actual cars that trundle goods between this countrya€™s coasts a€” know exactly who he is. Every time one of the builders of these cars makes a change, whether for practical or esthetic purposes, they hear from Huberman who in turn modifies the mold for the rail car model.

In the Prairies, grain cars in a grass-green and white colour scheme are replacing the old rust-coloured and tan versions with their detailed yellow pin-striping on the rail landscape. While the new colour scheme made life easier for both real-life and model painter, not to mention its practical use of staving off corrosion on the former, it amounted to just one tiny detail less to worry about for Huberman who built his companya€™s reputation on preciseness. After producing the Hawker Siddeley grain car, next came the 1970s era a€?Trudeaua€? hopper, which was built after former Prime Minster Pierre Trudeau requested more grain cars be produced as there werena€™t grain movement from the Prairies. Train spotters recognize the Trudeau-era Hawker Siddeley-built cars, which are still on tracks in Canada, the United States and Mexico, by the alternating side to wide side panel design. Ita€™s not just the attention to detail and historical importance of the trains thata€™s important to model railroaders a€” therea€™s also the nostalgia factor. Or, if theya€™re like the woman who stopped by the booth at the busy Train Expo, which was held in Vancouver for the first time after outgrowing a Burnaby community centre, youa€™ll pick the a€?pink car,a€? which is a model of a three-bay covered potash hopper built by National Steel and, of course, available exclusively through Hubermana€™s company. We reserve the right to edit comments for length, style, legality and taste and reproduce them in print, electronic or otherwise. For further information, please contact the editor or publisher, or see our Terms and Conditions.
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The 33rd annual model railroad show was held at the PNE Forum for the first time to accommodate more vendors and attendees, having moved from Burnabya€™s Cameron Recreation Centre.

The 33rd annual show was held at the PNE Forum this past weekend for the first time to accommodate more vendors and attendees. The 33rd annual model railroad show was held at the PNE Forum for the first time to accommodate more vendors and attendees, having moved from a Burnabya€™s Cameron Recreation Centre. Huberman brought many of his accurate model railcars to the show, including National Steela€™s three-bay potash car. Thata€™s Hubermana€™s idea, which came about when he contacted the Saskatchewan government eight years ago to request permission to build a replica model.
North American Railcar Corporation started 15 years ago when Huberman, who knew there was a lack of accurate Canadian model trains and cars, went to China to visit model manufacturers with the priority of accuracy over cost. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Four different companies built their own versions so Hubermana€™s model company, North American Railcar Corporation, mirrored each one and their various characteristics on an N-scale and the larger HO-scale.
Scrutinizing train spotters can choose from such tiny differentiating features such as 17 or 19 side posts or a double or elongated hole on the bolter-roping plate.

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