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The design looks like a good place to arrive with maybe a dozen cars, spend some time working pulls and set-outs, and then depart. You would gain a "sorting track if you can bring the loop back on itself prior to coming through the yard. The blue cross over on the middle left would be better served by flipping it the other direction. What do trains using this yard do?  If I was operating at this yard and you were going to write down what work I have to do, what would it look like?

If the yard is to service the industrial area it seems like a bit of overkill on the amount of yard track.
If you are wanting a classification yard I would recommend that it be on the mainline (like the track shown at the top of the overall context) and that its double ended.
A yard crew will be very busy working to keep the trains running on the layout for the rest of the operating crew. It is nothing more than a turning circle, so don't waste the space by adding a double track main line.

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