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I see that some of the online hobby shops are now advertising the new Stewart F7's in their new executive line. The Executive engines look good, I was very disappointed when they cancelled the Erie Mining F9 set. As I began to add to my F series units I also purchased a number of Genesis and Intermountain units. Regarding the Genesis units I myself do not consider them to be equal to the Intermountain units, I have only a few of Genesis sets and have no desire to acquire any more. I will in all probability purchase a couple of the new Stewart units once they release additional roadnames that I would want. Wow, all those Stewarts need are etched grills instead of the molded ones, and they'll look as good as the competition!

EDIT: Probably not a good idea to show #49 as it had a GP style light added to the nose and it had the strobes. Just as an aside, although Highrailer is a hole-in-the-wall (almost literally) right now, Jeff's looking to expand to maybe 3 times the size.
Has anyone had the opportunity to run any of these engines?  Detail certainly looks to be comparable to either the Genesis or Proto 2 units. Some of the older engines are with the Kato drives and I am astonished at how well they run.
I have a newer one, and it easily runs as well as my Atlas, Kato, Stewart, and other high end diesels.
Given the limitations of an HO sized speaker, I think Soundtraxx has the EMD 567 prime mover nailed.

I would rate the Intermountain engines as having very good running characteristics as well, while they do not run as good as the Stewart engines they are a close second. I would imagine that a Great Northern set would be available in the not too distant future, would go for any of the Canadian railroads.

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