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Researchers have been perfecting methods for counting cars and trucks for the last half century. By gathering more complete data about how travel modes are used, transportation planners can better coordinate individual travel modes to make the entire transportation system more efficient.
Case in point is the national award-winning study headed by TTI Associate Research Engineer Joan Hudson, Using Smartphones to Collect Bicycle Travel Data in Texas.
The study won the 2011 Transportation Innovative Solutions award from Women’s Transportation Seminar International. TTI researchers collected bike travel data using smartphones in an award-winning study in the Austin, Texas, area. The number of bicycle and pedestrian research projects conducted by TTI over the last five years has grown significantly, with a wide variety of sponsors, including the Federal Highway Administration, the National Park Service, the Colorado Department of Transportation, the Austin and Houston metropolitan planning organizations, and the City of Austin. Turner describes bike and pedestrian research as “in its infancy but growing” and is pleased to see municipalities like Austin, Portland, Seattle, Boulder and numerous others emphasizing those transportation modes where they can provide significant benefits.

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For a book written in the same period that mentions some of these, see Impressions of an Irish R. As a result of better data, highway transportation has improved, and road projects have been funded. The project, which ended last fall, tracked 300 bicyclists in the Austin, Texas, area as they traveled 3,600 individual routes over a six-month period. Data from the GPS-aided study are already being used in other bike projects and have provided assistance to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) Austin District’s new Bicycle Master Plan. Everyone who signs up gets full access to our entire library, including our curated collections.

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