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NEW YORK CITY - April 8, 2003 - The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) today announced the most popular baby names in New York City for 2001.
Girls named Destiny shined as the name made its first appearance on the top-ten list for girls' most popular names, at #9.
Among 63,759 boys born in New York City in 2001, Michael came out on top for the 14th straight year, and was also the most popular name for white baby boys.

It may be worth noting that more new names appear on the list of most popular girls' names than on most popular boys' names.
Parents of every baby who receives a birth certificate in New York City also receive information from DOHMH about steps to take to keep their child safe and healthy, including avoiding second-hand smoke, information on sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), immunization schedules, lead poisoning prevention, and window guard information.

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