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According to a report by Moto Revue, repeated by several European publications, Ducati is running a parallel development program with an aluminum chassis for MotoGP, alongside efforts to further improve its carbon fiber chassis.
Ducati has no experience racing on an aluminum chassis, having previously favored a steel trellis design for its frames. You can see our recent discussion of the troubles Ducati has had racing the carbon fiber chassis here. It doesn’t really matter what medium you choose to design with, it the talent of the engineering crew that determines the failure or success. I think the telling comment from all articles is that riders are used to a certain type of bike with certain types of feedback. My question to Aprilia frame picture: are these components from generically different materials? There is functional contribution of engine case as relatively rigid element and it must be taken to count in flex vs.rigid equation. I’ve always love Ducatis because they were unique, 90 v, desmo, trellis frame, dry clutch, great sound, great lines, not because they won races.
The upcoming street legal superbike will not feature a carbon frame but an aluminium frame, however it will use the same concept as currently used on the GP 11. You are of course right, it will be hard to sell, why they leave that concept for MotoGP if it’s so superior. Who should anyone care about tradition and legacy, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH when all it does is have u have the other OEMs hand u over ur lowest back on a silver platter at the races ? Indeed, TRELLIS still king on the Superbike side of their Menu, Checa seems to get along with it just fine. Manufacture of Carbon fiber frame, swinging arm and front fork arm for the new  Bimota Moto 2 Tesi prototype. Till today the motorcycle racing industry has not shown consistent progress with regards to structural development like that of the chassis.

One concern for Ducati must be the fact that its new street legal superbike is expected to be announced this Fall featuring a carbon fiber chassis.
Take the vitues of the aluminum frame and design a trellis to style to hang the motor off of. The handful of companies that have developed the Moto 2 bikes on such short notice would be a good place to shop. And as you say, two step back – one forward is often in different fields the case too. If it works more power to them, after all, the goal here is winning with in and still conforming to the rules, right ?
This tank is reinforced with Aramid (Kevlar) and is moulded in one piece in our autoclave thus no glued joints like other products on the market. Our project is an entirely innovative concept and is not available on the market and on any racing circuit. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
The cost of the bike would put it into the low $20k range at a minimum and they need the mass market appeal.
They might as well go pneumatic, narrow the vee or go inline if they wanna win races immediately. Suzuki didn’t annihilate all comers in AMA for all those years because they felt like it and saw no benefit. I do not see it overall as alarming, but questions about competency when selling commercial bike will be raised. This is MGP we talking about, none of this stuff needs to or will see the streets and abide to it’s conditions, right ?
There are some fantastic examples of when that didn’t hold true, Toyota F1 being the one that comes to my mind.

Our kits include many upgrade options, but if you don’t see something you want, just ask. Thompson Choppers offers a variety of rolling chassis kits designed in various stages to fit your needs. This carbon fiber chassis  was designed to race in motogp , and built around  moto2  class specifications. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Simply remove all those overpriced suspension pieces, and build the entire frame out of rubber.
In street bikes we see combination of cast aluminum and steel trellis (such as Aprilia Shiver) but I do not know if this is applicable to racing bike. I am sure however that Ducati has analytical tools to find optimum solution, even if hybrid of sort was the outcome. No time wasted dialing in suspension settings, if you crash it, it bounces right back onto the track with no damage whatsoever. It will follow the surface contour of any track in the world without any computer assist, and think about this – Ducati can save millions of Euros by having Gumby ride it and Pokey be the crew chief.
Easy to tune via addition and subtraction of material and it’sreliable in street and race setting.

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