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Beste forumlezers,Ik heb Marklin HO c-rail in mijn bezit en wil in de nabije toekomst een mooie baan neerleggen. All train activity is computer controlled, I use Railware's Windows based program, which allows me to run them manually, or full automatically, or a flexible mixture of both. With Märklin's feed back modules 6088s the computer is continually being informed of where each train is, so it can control speed, track route, signals for each train individually. Sound Decoders The Sound decoder GE70 can be used for all Gauges N through HO engines.
Charlemagne's Kingdom The largest Alpine Model Railroad museum known .400 Feet of Railroad Track with Computerized trains. Dieser Artikel zeigt diverse Gleisplandesigns im H0 Ma?stab (1:87), die mit SCARM und Marklin C-Gleisen erstellt wurden.
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Since the Märklin Interface 6051 is to slow for the demand of feed back needed to run all trains, I have added the Railware direct-touch modules. Alternatively frequencies (steeples adjustable) are available from 30-150 Hz for traditional Motors. All you have to do is define the parameters of your Model train layout, such as track layout, turnouts and Signals, Train stations and storage tracks, Block sections, Staging Yards, access rights and track speeds for your trains, and connect the whole thing to your digital systems. Die Gleisplane sind ahnlich der Gleisplane aus ver­schiedenen Marklin Buchern oder Katalogen. They make steam engine sounds, shuffle Coal, let up steam, activate the water pump, while it is sitting at the station. Based on this information Railware can make smart choices on what assistance, or what events to handle it monitors the also your manual operations. Connectivity to Reed contacts Hall, full addressable from 1 through 10240 and main track ‘on-the-fly' to be programmed.

Best Ripper, einer der gro?ten Marklinfans, hat die Gleisplan geschickt, die dann mit SCARM erstellt wurden. Ik ben niet zo'n liefhebber van alleen maar rails en wil een goede combi hebben tussen landschap en treinen. When it is ready to take off, it whistles shortly, and then puff, puff, puff of she goes in the rhythm of the wheels.
Every thing can be all over at the same time, since manuel or automatic operations are with out limiting static definitions, and exhibit an endless flexibility.

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