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MTA NYC Transit offers Health Club Payroll Deductions to all full-time NYCT non-represented employees (managerial and non-managerial), members of the Civil Service Bar Association, the Civil Service Technical Guild, Chapter 2 (DC 37, Local 375), the Organization of Staff Analysts, SSSA, TWU Local 106 (TSO), and UFLEO who are on the MTA NYC Transit payroll.
The Plan allows employees to enroll in one of the four Health Clubs listed below and receive a discounted membership. Bally Premier: Access to Bally Total Fitness Clubs nationwide including facilities in Westchester, Connecticut, New Jersey, all NYC Boroughs, Long Island and Pennsylvania. Equinox: Equinox operates 42 full service facilities in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Florida, Boston, San Francisco and Washington DC, including 16 in NYC and one in Brooklyn. New York Sports Clubs (NYSC): More than 40 full service clubs in the tri- state area including Westchester, Connecticut, all NYC Boroughs, Long Island and New Jersey. Flite is the leading creative management platform for brands to execute high performance campaigns.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is celebrating the 110th anniversary of the New York City subway system with two days of opportunities for the public to take the train as generations of customers have done in the past. To give customers a trip to the past, NYCT will run two vintage trains express along the Broadway 123 Line between 96 St and Times Sq-42 St.
NYCT will pay the discounted Club membership fee in exchange for your agreement to reimburse NYCT through pro-rated bi-weekly payroll deductions for the cost of membership. One train will consist of four Low-Voltage subway cars that were in service until the late 1960s.
The images that follow were taken at the site of the future Second .Connect with Us Metropolitan Transportation Authority. That four-track line ran under Park Avenue South to Grand Central, across 42nd Street to Times Square, and up Broadway to 145th Street.

Swimming pool at the 54 Street and 2nd Avenue location is available to members of the Third Tier plan. The other train, known as the “Train of Many Colors,” is made up of R33 and R36-type subway cars that were in service between the 1960s and 2001.
An example of such cars, which were known as SMEE for their braking system, is the so-called “redbird” cars that many New Yorkers are familiar with.

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