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Comprised of over one hundred Surface Line Dispatchers and thirty seven Maintenance Line Supervisors.
We have three depots, Casey Stengel Depot located in Corona, Queens Village Depot located in Queens Village, and Jamaica Depot located in you guessed it, Jamaica.
I have been a Dispatcher at Casey Stengel Depot for the last twelve years, and have been working for the  Transit Authority for the last nineteen years. Our Surface Line Dispatchers work in some of the best areas of Queens, but also work in some of the busiest areas of the entire city.
Our Maintenance Line Supervisors are some of the most knowledgeable in the Transit Authority, mentoring almost all newly promoted supervisors on how the job is done.
Queens Division Unit meetings are held on an as needed basis which is usually about three times a year at the Community church of Little Neck, 46-16 Little Neck Parkway Little Neck, NY 11362.
Queens Division has a reputation for being an astute bunch that know the rules and regulations along with the contract and are not afraid to challenge management if they feel they are right. I am extremely proud to represent the membership of the Queens Division, and I will continue to fight everyday for what is right especially in the most difficult of times.
To be a good Supervisor; Remember the 7 P’s, Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance. Come and be part of your Unions 100yr Anniversary and the Honoring or our past president and your International President Larry Hanley.
I would like to take the time to thank Dawn Anderson for all of her hard work that she has performed for this Local. With a budget surplus giving the MTA $40 million in new revenue, a transit advocacy group, and two prominent Staten Islanders, are calling for Gov.

A May 13 Staten Island Advance report on fare evasion on city buses has helped spur some measures to stop the widespread practice and recoup the millions of dollars lost in unpaid fares. The most recent is the announcement that the MTA is boosting its patrol on problem bus routes in an effort to crack down on fare evaders.
Staten Islanders will see some bus services restored and extended, such as the S93 finally servicing the College of Staten Island, as part of the MTA's $29 million investment in regional transportation improvements. Queens, unlike other boroughs of the city does not have many subway lines running through it. After being in this position for over eight years I have gained a tremendous amount of respect for the position of Maintenance Line Supervisor. Right now with times as tough as they have ever been and with management under pressure to make changes by challenging our contract and our past practices, we need to be vigilant more than ever. Andrew Cuomo and the agency to restore cuts made three years ago.Those cuts included the elimination of X6 express bus, the consolidation of X13 and X14 service, the elimination of the S67, and service reductions on the S54, S57, S66 and S76 lines. Therefore, the buses have to pick up where trains do not and take the masses of riding public to the subways. For example; the # 7 subway line at Flushing, Main Street has twenty bus routes that terminate or connect at that location. We will then be having a membership ratification vote on Friday September 12th in all 4 depots from 6am to 6pm.

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