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With each passing month, the MTA comes closer to the day of reckoning on its unfunded capital plan — the maintenance work that keeps trains and buses running and the expansion projects that provide more access to the system. Albany has twice passed up the chance to plug a major part of this gap by enacting bridge tolls or congestion pricing.
In one scenario, the MTA could decide that everything in the capital plan, from basic repairs to the system to megaprojects like the Second Avenue Subway, has to happen. To pay for all that extra debt, the MTA would have to increase its yearly revenues the only way it can, by raising fares and tolls. For a single person buying a 30-day pass every month, that could add up to $400 more in transit costs each year. Another way to think about it is that this 24 percent fare hike would basically be in effect for 30 years, as straphangers gradually pay off this $10 billion loan.

In the end, the MTA is unlikely to put the entire cost of the capital program onto fare hikes. Word On The Street “In all honestly, the workload frequently placed on volunteer CB members is often so large that only the retired or financially independent can put in the time without burning out. While the first two years of the 2010-2014 capital budget were funded, there is a $10 billion deficit in the remaining three.
According to Neysa Pranger of the Regional Plan Association, the MTA would need between $1 billion and $1.5 billion in new annual revenues to pay for $10 billion in bonds.
Over the 30-year lifetime of the bond, a single transit rider would spend an extra $12,000 to pay off just the next three years of unfunded capital projects. As Pranger pointed out, New York already puts more of the cost of its transit system onto riders than anywhere else in the country.

I could put it in a big wagon and move it once a week on alternate side parking days and save $80 a month. So far, there doesn’t seem to be any plan from the city, state, or federal government to find this funding. If the capital plan is paid for by borrowing, by 2019 debt service would total $3.9 billion.

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