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Governor Andrew Cuomo is offering more details on how he'd like to spend federal Sandy recovery funds -- even though Congress hasn't yet passed the legislation. In 2009, seven city Department of Education employees were sentenced for taking bribes from bus companies, in exchange for looking the other way during inspections and giving them more lucrative bus routes. Four of the bus companies that were investigated in connection with the bribes continue to do business with the city.
The Department of Education said Logan and its affiliated companies “have consistently provided safe and timely transportation” to city students.
With all these problems, the obvious question is why the city continues to renew its contracts with the same bus companies year after year. The biggest school bus contractor appears to be Amboy Bus Company, which is affiliated with Atlantic Express.
Steier, of the Chief, said Gatto and his companies enjoy “most favored nation status” because of connections to the Staten Island Republican party. Many observers believe the city was afraid to bid out its bus contracts because of what happened the last time it did that – the 1979 strike lasted three months. Lee Adler, who teaches collective bargaining and labor law at Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations, said Local 1181?s history of corruption hasn’t led to higher pay for its members.
But base salaries are deceptive said Elizabeth Lynam, vice president and director of state studies for the Citizens Budget Commission, who published a report on the costs of pupil transportation in New York State. The school bus companies claim their rate structure is only adjusted for inflation and doesn’t keep up with the rising costs of fuel and labor. Companies also claim the employee protection provisions (EPP’s) put them at a disadvantage. The Department of Education cites its pre-k bus contracts as evidence that competitive bidding can work. The city tried restructuring its bus routes in 2007 but that proved to be a disaster, with children stranded in the winter cold.
But the complex logistics are among several challenges to overhauling the school bus industry.
Alexandria City Council members voted for a plan to charge residents in the garage of this new affordable housing complex to discourage the use of automobiles.
He and many of his neighbors are concerned about the city's decision to separate parking fees from rent. Alexandria's two new council members opposed the city s efforts to charge extra for parking. Chapman and newly-elected Vice Mayor Allision Silberberg voted against the proposal, but a majority of elected officials sided with the developer's plan to charge separately for parking and rent.
A 2014 Chevrolet Corvette C7 Stingray on display at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Facing ambitious new federal mileage standards (fleets have to average 54.5 mpg by 2025), and higher gas prices, automakers are touting ‘fuel efficiency’ at the auto show.
The new Corvette -- with styling like the Stingray of the 1970s, after which it is named -- came out from under the fancy tarps yesterday at the show. Many of the premier GM, Chrysler and Ford brands are now considered as reliable and well-engineered as European and Japanese performance cars -- and they tend to be cheaper.
Automakers could have record profits this year, and luxury cars are expected to fly off showroom floors. Highway tolls are gaining more acceptance in other states -- most recently, Los Angeles County, which implemented the first tolls in its history last November. Another option would be adding new lanes that are toll-only -- a costly proposition in terms of construction and land acquisition. The elevated roadway through downtown Hartford was built in 1965 and is in desperate need of repair. With so many other issues facing the legislature this session, it's not clear whether Dillon's bill to put tolls back on the table will get much attention.
Peel looks forward to a turnaround at LAX, even though his new place will be only a quarter the size of his old one. Airport authorities say that’s why they sought out iconic Southland businesses such as Campanile, Real Food Daily, La Provence and Cole’s. Officials say all of the incoming restaurants are working to keep their prices at the same level as if they were operating outside of the airport. Peel says that some of the staff from the restaurants that are closing will end up working at Campanile and other new establishments. In the meantime, Peel is preparing for Campanile’s grand opening at LAX, sizing up his space, researching ingredients, and working up a list of suppliers. Now, the program is expanding: in March, the program will bulk up to 200 bikes at 24 kiosks. Before Audi's demonstration at the Consumer Electronics Show, the company put up a bunch of sensors -- which are blue and about the size of a paint can -- along the car's route. Self-driving cars are a quest that carmakers from Hundai to Volvo are pursuing, but each has a different business strategy. Toyota has its fully autonomous car on display at CES.
That feature is available as part of a $6,000 advanced technology package in its Lexus LS460. The hull of the Seastreak Wall Street catamaran ferry is visibly damaged after a docking accident.
A Toyota dealership in Qingdao was burned by protestors in a dispute over an island chain claimed by both China and Japan.
Stung by a dispute between China and Japan over a chain of uninhabited islands in the East China Sea, Toyota, Nissan and Honda have all suffered a sharp decline in sales in what has become the world’s largest automotive market. While General Motors has yet to release its final figures for 2012, the maker already passed its previous peak by the end of November, the 2.59 million vehicles it sold for all of 2011. Ford, meanwhile, has confirmed its sales in China rose 21% last year, to 626,616, also an all-time high. Chrysler has also been pushing into record territory, though its volumes have been much smaller than its cross-town rivals. Under new partner Fiat SpA, Chrysler is again making an aggressive push to expand in China. Japanese makers were also slow to enter the Chinese market, in part to long-standing enmity between the two nations dating back to Japan’s brutal occupation of its neighbor during World War II.
That set off rioting in China, the bigger nation also laying claim to what it calls the Daioyu Islands.
Japanese industry executives had previously telegraphed the likelihood of declining sales in China which, they also cautioned, would hurt their earnings for the rest of the 2012 fiscal year – which closes on March 31, 2013. The market for Japanese products has begun to improve, Toyota China spokesman Niu Yu telling the Wall Street Journal, “Sales are getting better day by day, but it’s still hard to say when we can get back to the pre-protest level,” said. When he was little, Dad and his brother Mark always stood at the front of the first car, where they’d stare out the huge front window as the trains barreled down the track. Dad grew up in Brooklyn -- near the Church Avenue station, on the F line -- and stayed there until he finished college. And then 15 years ago, he went to a railway museum in Rio Vista, a river town near Sacramento. The two cars survived because they'd been sold for use in the Kaiser Shipyards in Richmond -- across the bay from San Francisco.
One car led to another, and one subway line led to the next -- the old BMT, the Independent, and so on. My own kids have love for Dad's trains, too, driving them on a mock elevated track he's built. Over the holidays, I watched my Dad sanding wood in his workshop, which used to be my room.  His father was a toolmaker and my Dad uses some of those tools as he works. To see more photos head over to KQED's The California Report where this article originally appeared.
Many cities are doing good things to make their cities more walkable, but Speck says most average American cities still have a long way to go to become truly walkable. The Metropolitan Police Department says officers arrested 57-year-old Scott Lee Feuer of southeast Washington D.C. Police say detectives are investigating whether the suspect may have been involved in other crimes. Right now, hybrid or all-electric cars make up only three percent of the market, up from just 0.2 percent a decade ago. Lynn Muench, Senior Vice President of Regional Affairs with American Waterways Operators, a trade group, says barges mostly ship heavy things that would be too expensive to send by rail or truck alone.

She says the fleets of barges have lightened their loads, so they don't sink so deep in the water. Brauer says he appreciates a competitive marketplace, but he says smaller stations may be driven out of business by such gas prices. Is there a better way to get around this beautiful city of ours than the NYC subway system?
Anyway, most city kids, including my own, go through some sort of subway-obsession phase, and some of us (ahem, me), never quite get over it. This entry was posted in Apartment Living NYC, NYC Events and tagged new york subway lines, nyc subway history, nyc vintage images, vintage nyc maps, vintage photography of nyc subway, vintage photos of nyc. Join us as we explore New York City's new restaurants, hot spots, museums, galleries and cultural events! New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score News Crime U.S. New York City Transit employees pump water out of the Cranberry Street Tunnel, which carries the A and C trains between Brooklyn and Manhattan underneath the East River. MTA workers are laboring around the clock to clear standing water from train tunnels linking Manhattan with Brooklyn and Queens, and an inside view of the process gives startling perspective to the sheer size of the project. The MTA released photos on its Flickr account page showing some 30 inches of water clogging the Cranberry Street Tunnel, which carries the A and C trains between Brooklyn and Manhattan, and the 53rd Street Tunnel, which carries the E and M trains between Queens and Manhattan.
As service is restored, crews must examine 600 miles of track and the electrical systems throughout the system. With power restored to most of Manhattan early Saturday, MTA officials moved a little closer to restoring train service in the lower part of the borough and to Brooklyn. In 2008, the former president of Local 1181 of the Amalgamated Transit Union, Salvatore “Hotdogs” Battaglia, was sentenced to four years and nine months in federal prison for racketeering. Local 1181 under new leadership but its president was on the same board that served under Battaglia. Its owner, Domenic Gatto, claimed he was a victim of extortion and his spokeswoman noted that the U.S. In a particularly colorful episode, Gatto pulled out a gun once during negotiations with the city, though his lawyer said he was just illustrating a point. Officials don’t want to disrupt services more than a 150,000 students who depend on yellow buses. John Tomblin, who’s been driving a school bus since 1978, said he made $257 a week back then.
She noted that school bus drivers in Local 1181 get nine weeks of unemployment during the summer from the bus companies.
The coalition of about 20 companies that employ Local 1181 drivers said 80 percent of revenues received from the city go to employee salaries and benefits. If one company goes out of business, whatever company picks up its business is required to pick up displaced union workers and pay them at the same rate. It says it saved $95 million over five years when it bid out these contracts in 2011 without the EPPs.
Lynam and others believe the city needs to make its bus routes much more efficient, because too many buses are driving around with just a few students on vehicles that could transport more than 60.
Mayor Bloomberg’s administration has opened about 500 schools over the last decade in an effort to give families more choices, whether in their own neighborhoods or elsewhere. Lynam, of the Citizens Budget Commission, said reforming the routes will be key to long-term savings. What’s the best way?” she asked, acknowledging reform will involve lots of difficult questions. As he enters his last year in office, Bloomberg said this week he wished he had tackled the issue earlier in his tenure.
That's the case on Jefferson Davis Highway in Alexandria, where a new affordable housing complex is planned, but it comes saddled with a paid parking lot.
The idea is to discourage the use of automobiles, but Lynhaven residents say they are concerned the new residents will park on the street. Councilman John Taylor Chapman says many of the lower income residents who live in the building may not be able to use the bus rapid transit system to get to work.
GM says it’ll get much better mileage than the previous version, which did 16 mpg in the city. This year at the auto show new luxury models are on display from Cadillac, Lincoln, Lexus, Infiniti, BMW, Bentley, Audi, Acura, and Maserati. Ford is predicting luxury sales will be up 7.5 percent this year -- almost double what the company anticipates for its mass-market models.
The January 1983 crash prompted Connecticut legislators to begin phasing out tolls in the state -- and they've been banned ever since. Malloy and the state Department of Transportation have been moving to seriously study the issue of tolls, pointing out that Connecticut's revenue from its gasoline tax is set to decline steeply as cars become more fuel-efficient. There were several toll stations on I-95 and Route 52, on the Merritt and Wilbur Cross Parkways, and on Hartford-area bridges including the Charter Oak.
The DOT studies (which will cost about $2.2 million, mostly paid for by federal funds) will focus more on how the state might reinstate tolls, and for what purpose. On I-95, congestion relief is critical, with 16 million hours of delay in the area between Bridgeport and Stamford experienced due to traffic in 2007, the last year for which figures were available. Or, all or some of the lanes on the current highway could be pay lanes -- but that may run afoul of federal requirements that generally do not allow tolls on interstate highways, and therefore deprive the state of needed federal funds.
While revenues collected on I-95 could go toward a variety of improvements -- like fixing old roadways and bridges on the interstate, or even beefing up the railway system -- tolls on I-84 are seen as a possible option for financing the reconstruction of the Aetna Viaduct in Hartford. Fairfield County legislators are also still very wary of a law that could, many say, disproportionately affect residents in that area. Back then, following the Stratford crash, thousands of people marched in protest of tolls because of the potential for accidents at toll booths. The DOT's studies will only consider reinstating tolls using an electronic method of payment, such as the EZ-Pass system in use throughout the Northeast. Staffers says the airport Chili’s – with its cheesesteak sandwiches, combo Fajitas and baby back ribs – is the most popular of its U.S. She believes that more travelers are looking for higher quality food at the airport – and local options. The plan is to have the new Campanile and the other new restaurants at LAX up and running by May. In less than eight months of operation, 1,200 people joined and checked out bikes 2,000 times.
Audi's game plan is to focus on self-parking technology so they can license it to other carmakers.
It's a research vehicle that has a thick black racks on the roof and the grill which are filled with sensors and cameras. We don't know when that is, but in the meantime, we're looking to bringing more technologies, providing products that are safer, as we go along," says Jim Pisz,  corporate manager for North American business strategy at Toyota. The Seastreak Wall Street catamaran ferry came from Highlands, New Jersey and struck a dock at Pier 11 during rush hour in lower Manhattan. The maker was a relative latecomer to the Chinese market but has been aggressively expanding both its product portfolio and production capacity over the last several years. That’s ironic because Chrysler was the first Western maker to build vehicles in China, or more precisely through its Jeep subsidiary. That simmering disdain came back to a boil when the Japanese government decided to buy what it calls the Senkoku Island chain last September. A number of Japanese-owned vehicles were destroyed and a Toyota dealership was even torched in what many observers believe were government-tolerated, if not sanctioned, riots. Nissan has been the most aggressive of the Japanese makers operating in China, among other things setting up the new Venucia brand with its partner there, Donfeng Motors. Nissan, for example, suffered a 41% drop in demand in October, shortly after the dispute began, but sales were still off 24%, year-over-year, in December. He grew up in New York City in the 1940s and '50s and fell in love with the city's trains -- especially the ones running underground. He eventually landed in California where he met my mom, who also grew up near the Church Avenue stop. And there he found some of the original 1880s steam-powered cars that once ran on Manhattan’s elevated tracks. After seeing them, my dad went home and started thinking about how to build replicas by hand, remembering subway modeling he’d done as a teen.

And now my parents' living room in what is otherwise a simple 1970s tract home in Walnut Creek looks like a New York City rail yard. They can't really understand the hundreds of hours of work these incredibly detailed, built-from-scratch trains represent.
There's the 1930s “Green Hornet,” originally made of aluminum and shaped like a BART train, but scrapped because of World War II.
According to Jeff Speck, the author of "Walkable City: How Downtown Can Save America, One Step At A Time," a walk has to be useful, safe, comfortable, and interesting if you're going to get people out of their cars and onto the sidewalks. Of course, New York, Chicago and San Francisco have done a good job keeping their cities pedestrian-friendly, but Speck says no city has put the thought into walkability that Portland, Ore., has.
But in cities and states across the nation, the commuter population is turning to carpools, public transportation, walking, and bikes. Explore this interactive map on how America gets to work. As Metro-North officials keep telling us, the New Haven Line is one of the oldest in the country. Often considered the third rail of Connecticut politics for the past three decades, tolls quietly entered the conversation last year as a way to pay for badly-needed transportation projects and infrastructure upgrades. Following plenty of spirited debate, the Connecticut General Assembly approved a $567 million to built a 9.4-mile road from Hartford to New Britain that will be exclusively for buses. OK, so it’s really just the environmental review process that’s starting, and maybe some people are kicking around some early ideas for what rail travel could really look like between Washington, D.C. Given that the waiting list for a monthly parking pass at Stamford’s train station — the busiest in Connecticut — is about two years long, there really is a fight going on about this. Police have identified an alleged bank robber who tried to use the Metro as his getaway vehicle.
And while the fuel efficiency of regular old internal-combustion engines is also improving, Caldwell says automakers are still banking on hybrid technology.
Louis, Missouri to Cairo, Illinois is so low right now, jagged bedrock is close to the surface. That includes petroleum products, chemicals, sand, gravel, and salt for the roads this time of year. For the next several week, barring heavy rain, the boat captains will have to have to line up all day, waiting, while the U.S. He says he understands the benefits of a competitive marketplace, but Costco is now selling fuel for less than he can buy it. So in honor of subway-lovers young and old, here are a couple of related items that have popped up on my internet radar of late.
I sure do, with both a measure of fondness as well as relief that my kids ride in very different-feeling trains today.
Crews were also feverishly vacuuming water from the Joralemon Tunnel, which carries the 4 and 5 trains, and on Thursday the pump train was removing water from the route of the 1 train. Battalglia admitted to taking payoffs from Genovese crime family members in exchange for agreeing not to unionize some of the school bus companies doing business with the city.
These companies include Jofaz Transportation, which currently has $318 million in contracts with the city, and Logan, which has $340 million. The city hasn’t bid out the contracts since 1979, when it ended the last bus strike by agreeing to employee protections. These companies along with their employees have made more than $47,000 worth of donations since 2000, state and city records show. The number of students taking yellow buses has soared since then but the city still believes this price is much too high, because it translates to $6900 per student. Today, he said he makes more than four times that figure but it hasn’t kept up with the cost of living. These students are the most expensive to transport because they require escorts, or matrons, and door-to-door service. Also, there are ever-smarter computers in car engines that get more ‘oomph’ on a four-cylinder engine. Pat Dillon, D-New Haven, will be introducing a bill this legislative session that would re-establish tolls in the state. The state will begin two studies early this year to consider putting tolls on two major highways - I-84 west in the Hartford area, and I-95 between New Haven and New York. The Connecticut Turnpike alone generated $56 million in revenue in its last year of collections. There were also concerns about the pollution caused by so many cars braking constantly to pay the toll.
It will be a rebirth of sorts for the historic Los Angeles restaurant known for its prime rib and sauteed halibut.
Peel says first the epicenter for food moved away from his location on La Brea, and then hard times hit.
But its original operation was assumed by former partner Mercedes-Benz following the break-up of the ill-fated DaimlerChrysler AG. And then there's the bright orange refrigerator car, something he remembers from the 1950s.
Commuters had several painful reminders of that this year, as everything from derailing trains to power problems (or perhaps squirrels???) to signal issues to 100+ year-old bridges that wouldn’t close stranded them for hours. By the time the legislative session in Connecticut rolled around several months later, a few lawmakers tried to make sure more hikes wouldn’t be in the cards — but they weren’t successful. The calls got louder by the end of the year, and the state will begin studying the prospect of tolls on I-84 and I-95 in earnest in the coming months. Known affectionately — and derisively — as the Hartford-to-New-Britain busway, the huge project (mostly funded by federal money) saw skepticism even from those who eventually became its greatest proponents.
First, Connecticut’s Department of Transportation asked people for their input on plans to improve the parking situation at the station — but wouldn’t tell people anything about those plans. Police asked Metro Transit Police to hold trains at the Dupont Circle stop after the suspect fled in that direction and authorities were able to arrest Feuer on a train bound for Silver Spring. Louis, recognizes that the slowdown is annoying, but notes it is the best option, long-term. Nobody's standing around," MTA crew member Tommy Dropp told the Daily News on Thursday. Atlantic Express spent $20,000 lobbying the education department last year and $25,000 lobbying city council members.
Though the city says any workers who are hired to drive buses and escort students will have to be properly trained. Some attend private schools in Long Island or Westchester at city expense because there are no appropriate public schools here that can meet their needs. If drivers start earlier in the day, to pick up more children, that means working more hours.
Diesel vehicles, which can get better mileage and have become much more clean-running, are also gaining traction in the U.S. The DOT estimates that delays on I-95 and I-91 cost a total of $670 million in lost productivity that year. Other possible routes, like the main roads in towns hugging the highway or the Merritt Parkway, are just as congested. Last October, Campanile closed the doors at its home of more than 20 years, on La Brea Avenue near Hancock Park. And yet, some data suggest it was still actually a better year for the rail agency than 2011, when severe winter weather and extreme heat caused even more issues.
Now, construction is well underway, to the chagrin of many — including some downtown Hartford residents. After much public fuming, the state created an advisory panel consisting of five citizens who were given a tiny bit more information about those plans than the rest of us. Each one normally carries 70 semi trucks worth of very heavy stuff, and they ship in groups 40 or so barges at a time.
Most of us still have no idea who has submitted proposals to replace a parking garage at the station, and what exactly their proposals are — for which they will get $35 million in state aid.

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