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Trainfest 2011 show reportTrainfest was held November 12-13, 2011, at the Wisconsin Exposition Center at State Fair Park in West Allis, Wis., a suburb of Milwaukee.
We're the only HO manufacturer to produce die-cast HO steam locomotives with the widest selection of features available today.
Like the firm’s EP-4 and EF-4 “Little Joe” electrics, this HO bipolar has an array of sound effects and metal pantographs that raise and lower automatically or by remote control. The two-day show featured vendors and manufacturers, model railroad layouts, railroad historical societies, and clinics. New paint schemes: Montana Rail Link, CSX, Ferromex, and Union Pacific (Missouri-Kansas-Texas heritage scheme). BNSF (two road numbers), Canadian Pacific, Illinois Central, Trailer Train (two road numbers), Union Pacific, and undecorated. 80-3N Breeze (occasional use), 80-8N Zephyr (professional specialty application), 180-15 Airstorm (moderate use), TC908 Aspire (includes air regulator, moisture filter, and gauge), TC909 Aspire Elite, and TC910 Aspire Pro (high-frequency use). New paint schemes and road numbers (N scale model from previous run shown): Clinchfield, Kansas City Southern, Missouri Pacific (International-Great Northern reporting marks), National Ry.
For cutting wood, non-ferrous metals, plastics, Plexiglas, glass fiber reinforced sheets, foam, and other materials. Five-pole skew-wound motor with two flywheels, factory-installed detailed parts, and detailed cab interior.
Detailed interior, prototype-specific lamp vent placement, and truck electrical pickup wipers. Dual-mode Mars light, die-cast metal weights, and detailed interior on second and third cars. Includes GP9M diesel locomotive and matching wide-cupola caboose, 50-foot plug-door boxcar, 50-foot flatcar, 50-foot gondola, 38 x 54-inch oval of Bachmann E-Z Track, and World’s Greatest Hobby DVD Building Your First Railroad. Details include double doors with frosted glass, fieldstone foundation, clapboard siding, and tall stained-glass windows. CSX (eight road numbers), Kansas City Southern, Northwestern Oklahoma, Norfolk Southern, and SeverCorr. Features a height adjustable and 45-degree tiltable saw blade and low-noise drive with DC motor and toothed belts. Most of our passenger cars, like the Norfolk & Western car seen in the above photo, are built to exacting specifications from their real-life counterpart. The MTH bipolar will operate on DC and Digital Command Control (DCC) layouts as well as those controlled by DCS.
Injection-molded plastic with prototype-specific underframe, extended vestibule steps, and 36" plastic wheelsets. Includes additional work piece pusher and non-slotted ABS sawing gap cover for tight tolerances between saw blade and table.
Many of our sets feature cars with roadname specific interiors (including interior colors), working end-of-car diaphragms, lighted observation marker lights and drumheads, Kadee® couplers and overhead, constant voltage LED lighting. HO scale 40-foot postwar boxcar with six-foot door40-foot postwar boxcar with six-foot door. Oil-less piston compressor with .45 liter air tank, braided nylon-covered hose, and automatic shutoff.
Intermediate-sized throttle with four-digit light-emitting diode display, functions zero through nine, and 28 or 128 speed steps. Thick styrene plastic kit with interlocking wall-alignment system, mitered corners, roof details, water tower, and positionable overhead wire spool.
Six 3" x 4" sheets (3,200- through 12,000-grit) with color-coded grit identification printed on back. Pennsylvania RR (prewar light Tuscan with brown roof and olive running gear, postwar Tuscan with black roof and running gear, or keystone scheme). Laser-cut wood walls, Tichy Train Group windows and doors, tar paper roofing, white metal castings, and wood crates.
Low-friction drive with dual brass flywheels, golden-white light-emitting diodes, and Accumate knuckle couplers.
Containers have mounting pegs for 85-foot flatcar, fire port on one side, and molded chain securement.

New paint schemes and road numbers: Burlington Northern, Conrail, Springfield Terminal (Guilford scheme, high nose), and St.
Early and late body styles with single 10-foot sliding door, peaked Stanray X-panel roof, and non-terminating ends with six corrugations. Four spring-loaded bushings, built in short-circuit protection with auto reset, and 750mA maximum current. Injection-molded plastic kit with loading dock, elevator tower, entry stairway, eight chimneys, and brick panels to blank out windows. Five-pole motor with brass flywheel, 42” blackened metal wheels, and illuminated ditch lights.
Connects to a Switch-It or Switch 8 accessory decoder to provide two single-pole double-throw or one double-pole double-throw relay output for switching up to 2 amps of power.
Eight- and nine-pin plugs for Digital Command Control decoder, separately applied air tanks, and separately applied wire grab irons.
CSX (eight road numbers), Kansas City Southern, Northwestern Oklahoma, Norfolk Southern, SeverCorr, and undecorated. May be used for controlling polarity of dead-frog turnouts or automatic reverse loop control. HO scale American Car & Foundry 4,650-cubic-foot-capacity Center Flow covered hopperAmerican Car & Foundry 4,650-cubic-foot-capacity Center Flow covered hopper. See-through running boards, separately applied wire grab irons, and die-cast metal 100-ton roller-bearing trucks with rotating bearing caps. Two- or four-digit addressing, eight-pin connector, 20mm round speaker with baffle, and 1.5 amp capacity.
Etched-metal details, prototype-specific running boards, and detailed brake valves and air reservoirs.
Eight amps of controlled power, 28 functions, Hypersonic Control Link for faster response from throttle to locomotive, and cooling fan.
With Sound Value SoundTraxx Digital Command Control sound decoder (prototypical chuff, short and long whistles, bell, air pump, steam release, and blower), $175. Allied Waste, ECDC Environmental (three car numbers), East-Carbon-DSEX, General American, Joseph Transportation (three numbers), and USA Waste. Front Runner uses die-cast metal construction and features full brake line detail, single-axle trucks, and see-through decking as appropriate. Five-pole motor with brass flywheel, 1.1” diameter speaker housing built into frame, and eight-pin plug for Digital Command Control decoder. HO scale Berwick Forge & Fabricating 50-foot boxcarBerwick Forge & Fabricating 50-foot boxcar.
New road numbers (model from previous run shown): BNSF, CP Rail, CSX, Gondola Connection, Norfolk Southern, and Union Pacific. Two- or four-digit addressing, 28 functions, eight- and nine-pin connectors, 1.5 amp capacity, and a 28mm speaker.
Minnesota Commercial, BNSF, Canadian National, Chicago & North Western, Ferromex, Illinois Central, and undecorated.
Combo pack (includes one flat car and four 20-foot municipal solid waste trash containers), $44.90. Die-cast metal chassis and trucks, dual flywheels, metal handrails, detailed fan, and E-Z Mate Mark II knuckle couplers.
With Sound Value SoundTraxx Digital Command Control sound decoder (prototypical engine exhaust, long and short air horn, and bell), $165.
Five-pole skew-wound motor with flywheel, injection-molded plastic shell, and illuminated cab interior. New paint schemes: Dallas Trinity Railway Express, Florida Tri-Rail, and West Coast Express.
Blue and black with gray load and black trucks, gray and black with oxide load and black trucks, or red and black with gray load and silver trucks.
Molded hydraulic lines and pumps, detailed transformer load, eight span bolsters, 16 sets of 125-ton roller-bearing trucks, and RP-25 contour 36" metal wheelsets. Five-pole skew-wound motor with flywheel, illuminated number boxes, and directional headlights.

Separate handrails and ladders, detailed brake rigging, and body-mounted E-Z Mate knuckle couplers.
HO scale Electro-Motive Division NW5 diesel locomotiveElectro-Motive Division NW5 diesel locomotive. Burlington Northern, Council Bluffs Ry., Fort Street Union Depot, Great Northern (as-delivered, Empire Builder, simplified, or Big Sky Blue schemes), Mass Central, and Southern Ry.
Injection-molded plastic with wood-grain detail on running and tack boards, wire grab irons, and Kadee no. Factory-painted brass model with railroad-specific details, Cannon EN22 motor with dual flywheels, directional lighting, and Kadee no. Includes Hyperlight lighting effects, golden white light-emitting diodes, and advanced consisting. Upgraded tooling with separately applied grab irons, prototype-specific trucks, and McHenry scale magnetic knuckle spring couplers. Missouri Pacific DeSoto-Sedalia-built road caboose with platforms, Southern Pacific class C-50-10 caboose no.
Details include water pipes, water tower, dust collector, drainage, awning, railings, lights, and signs. 1, and three transfer cabooses with general traits common to many home-built cars (small center side windows, long platforms, and double rows of railings). Dual GE FDL-16 motor sounds, more than 14 other sound effects, back-electromotive-force motor control, and 16-bit sound processor. Separately applied details, window glazing, free-rolling trucks, and body-mounted knuckle couplers. Metal truss rods, metal RP-25 contour 33" wheelsets, and McHenry scale knuckle couplers with springs. Details include swamp cooler, signs, pallets, crates, electric meter and junction box, Dumpster, and propane tank. Canadian National, Milwaukee Road, Southern Ry., Western Pacific (single car and three-pack only), and Union Pacific (two paint schemes). Factory-painted structure with window shades, propane tank, electric meter, and four figures. TTX (DTTX reporting marks), Arkansas-Oklahoma, BNSF (circle-cross herald), Iowa Interstate, Northwest Container Service (three road numbers), Mass Central, and Pacer Stacktrain. Injection-molded plastic model with wire grab irons and brake rods, metal wheelsets with metal axles, and Kadee no. Prototype-specific trucks, etched-metal running boards, and body-mounted Micro-Trains couplers.
Custom-decorated InterMountain 1937 Association of American Railroads with Micro-Trains trucks and knuckle couplers. Prototype N Scale Models by George Hollwedel, 512-579-0539Prototype N Scale Models by George Hollwedel Union Pacific class B-50-27 40-foot boxcarUnion Pacific class B-50-27 40-foot boxcar. Factory-painted brass model with end backup lights, marker lights, and axle-driven generator detail.
Prototype N Scale Models by George Hollwedel, 512-579-0539Gunderson Maxi-Stack I five-unit articulated well car with 10 APL 40-foot intermodal containers. Custom-decorated Fox Valley Models car with Youngstown doors, wire grab irons, and Kadee magnetic knuckle couplers. Burlington Northern, Cajun Electric, Consumers Power, Detroit Edison, Fayette Power Project, and Southern Ry. Factory-installed internal bracing and brake gear, 36” metal wheelsets, and Proto-Max knuckle couplers.
First Union Rail (TGOX reporting marks), General American (CGTX or GATX reporting marks), Sulcom Inc., and Trinity Industries Leasing (black or yellow).

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