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No other manufacturer matches the quality and value found in a RailKing One-Gauge passenger car. At AA Model Train Repair, we provide parts and repairs for trains from all over the world for only $55.00 an hour plus parts. We build layouts for all scales (specializing in O gauge) – If you want the layout of your dreams, but are struggling with where to put it, the design that is just right for you, how many trains you want to run, then we can help you. Our staff is composed of avid train lovers with years of experience with all aspects of the industry. Due to our large inventory of parts and well equipped repair facility, we are able to use genuine replacement parts in many cases when needed.
Locomotive Command Control can give your trains more than you ever thought they could produce.
An intricately detailed, yet durable polycarbonate body atop smooth-rolling sprung trucks results in a lightweight but track-hugging car that won't bog down a locomotive. Our repair staff has the expertise earned with receiving MTH and Lionel authorized certificates.

We know trains and we carry a wide variety of modern and postwar trains and accessories along with HO, N gauge trains and rolling stock. The Sound Commander 2 has extended conventional mode functionality, including two volume selections.
Use this to match up with your existing 42 inch curved track to make nice wide radius turns to run trains faster, or to accommodate longer cars won't work with tight O27 curves.
Stainless steel wheels and axles and your choice of two coupler styles ensure years of operation and compatibility. We are committed to getting your train running smoothly and looking like an "off the shelf" model.
For ZW, VW, KW, Z or V transformers, circuit breakers are checked for opening time and then if necessary upgraded to new modern technology circuit breakers. With its small, compact size, it can be installed into many modern era and post war locomotives, yet delivers over 1 watt of output power. What's more, each passenger car features a detailed interior, opening doors, and overhead lighting for a realistic appearance.

We check whistle controls for proper DC voltage output and in most cases a diode will be installed which is a MUST for operating electronic trains!
If you are looking for your first train or your next train, we can provide you with options or help you make the right choice.
AAMTR due to our volume of sales and repairs can provide you with an honest appraisal of the value of your train or collection.
You can ship your trains for repair to AA Model Train Repair 8340 Ulmerton Rd # 222 Largo, FL 33771. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide you with a one-stop train service for HO, N, O, S, and G gauge.

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