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These wacky concept bicycles are adaptable, portable, amphibious and often strange but undeniably imaginative. Actress Maia Campbell has had a rough couple of years but it seems that things are looking up for the former child star.. Maia seems to have regrouped and was recently spotted in a California mall rocking a shirt embroidered with the word ‘Hope’, happy and healthy with her young daughter by her side. Campbell, the daughter of late novelist Bebe Moore Campbell and former co-star of the television series “In The House,” became an internet sensation after she was caught on tape by an LA rapper who claimed she asked for crack cocaine in lieu of payment for appearing in his music video. After the video went viral, it was soon revealed that the actress was suffering from mental illness in addition to her drug use. Maia has been speaking out lately and she stopped for a moment to discuss her new projects.
Maia lost her mother in 2006 and recently lost her father as well, but she remains strong for her daughter. I’m personally very happy that Maia is making her way back from the depths of addiction BUT is diving head first in the same murky industry waters that probably drove her to that dark place really the smartest thing to do at this point? I’ve been praying for Maia since her Mother passed and especially when I saw the two disturbing videos of her in her manic phase.

Let him who is with out sin cast the FIRST stone everybody has a past but the one who is able to bounce back from their demons I give mad Props to I have never been on drugs but I have seen whats= it diew to a person and their family so MAIA stay on the straight and keep GOD first in your life and everything will work out for you!! I’m starting a blog soon but have no coding skills so I wanted to get guidance from someone with experience. She wants everyone that was rooting for her to know that she’s on the road to recovery and she thanks well-wishers for their prayers. I got myself together, I’ve been sober for two years and I’ve been stable and very [aware] of how this industry works. That girl has a history of Depression and Bipolar Disorder which was diagnosed evident waaaaaaay before her mama died.
Two years clean is like two days clean in drug rehab and she is in no way ready to be under the same stress as she once was.
The industry may be all she knows and she is probably more disciplined in doing what she is told to gain the reward of a very important person. I imagine she’s been through some things far worse than what has been publicized and she is back and still beautiful as ever. Those YouTube vids will be forgotten and not even associated to her if she in earnestly tries.

Honestly, there’s no way in the world she can get it together without a TEAM of medical providers and mental health workers. In 12 steps programs aren’t you suppose to remove yourself from the surroundings that may cause you to relapse back into your old self destructing habits??
God gave him what he gives to others and those who lament his gifts fall to the wayside and we know who they are.I wish her all the success that she can work hard to achieve.You go girl!!
It’s amazing how many strangers are rooting for you when informed of your struggle and the fact that you WANT this change. That false sense of sobriety causes alot of folks to relapse and end up like Whitney Houston, Amy Whinehouse, Brittney Murphy, and all the rest.

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