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In 1988 Toronto-area commuter operator GO transit commissioned EMD to design a new commuter locomotive to replace the aging F40PH - which had been North America's standard passenger engine for more than a decade.
The MTH HO scale Allegheny 2-6-6-6 models one of the most powerful steam locomotives ever built.
If you are already a subscriber to Model Railroader Video Plus you must log into your account to view this video. Sign up for the Model Railroader Video Plus newsletter to receive special offers from MRVP and its marketing partners. As heavy Standard Engines for mainline freight service, the concept provided the classes 43 and 44. After WWII, 1242 engines found their way to West German DB and 355 engines to East German DR.
In fact a small number of F40's were built with a longer carbody to accommodate a separate HEP diesel motor. Watch this HO scale steam locomotive haul model trains on the Model Railroader staff's layout. The German Reichsbahn had taken over more than 120 quite different locomotive types from the former State Railways.
The BR 44 had 3 instead of 2 cylinders and 2000 HP and was capable for 50 mph - it was stronger and faster. The new engine used 12 cylinders instead of 16 to produce the same horsepower as the seventies-era F40PH, and with lower emissions.

The model features the MTH Digital Command System that operates on direct-current, Digital Command Control, and DCS layouts. Heavy metal design and a powerful electronically controlled drive system offer enormous traction effort and superior running qualities. On the exterior, however, the F59new locomotive [didn't look like a new passenger engine; it ] had the boxy, muscular look of a freight hauler. Due to the Great Depression, the development of the more expensive BR 44 was discontinued, but in 1937, the series production was resumed. They were taken over into the SNCF roster as series 150X being the most powerful and the heaviest freight steam engines in France.
Locomotive and tender are modeled with many prototypical details and authentically painted and lettered.
In this critical situation, a program for standards and production of steam engines should help.
They were assigned to industrial transport in the EST region (in green livery) and in the NORD region (in black livery). Thanks to ProtoSound 3.0, we can see, hear, and feel the dynamics of the massive engines with the distinctive exhaust sound, the synchronous smoke, and many more sounds of operation.
Then, the engines have got Wagner smoke deflectors, a reheat economizer and new welded 2'2' T34 tenders. From this period, the big locomotives were given the nickname "Jumbos" - as strong, untiring, and good-natured beasts of burden.

48 engines were sold to Turkish Railways as early as 1955; all the rest were withdrawn from service until 1965. The MTH "Jumbos" bring steam era highlights back as thrilling experience for our senses in the gorgeous size of O gauge.
During WWII, some components were simplified, but the BR 44 Uk (wartime transition) was less deskilled than other locomotive series were: input of domestic materials, omission of smoke deflectors and 2nd side window.
During the German "Wirtschaftswunder", the "Jumbos" were significantly contributing to the recovery and the success of the industry. Nearly 2000 engines were built until 1945 and they proved successful as the most efficient freight engines of the German Reichsbahn. They hauled heavy ore and coal trains, material and bulk freight transports, but also mixed freight trains with manufacturing goods over long routes and many gradients. The result were the Standard Engines (Einheitslokomotiven) becoming the basis for development and construction of German locomotives for more than 20 years. A legendary train was the "Long Henry" ("Langer Heinrich") of the 1960s and 1970s, a 4000-ton ore train from the North Sea coast to the industrial Ruhr region. BR 44 engines were in regular service until the German Steam Era ended - 1977 in the West, 1981 in the East.

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