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The DASH catalog is an encyclopedia of Model Trains organized by category with photos, values and more! Deep down in the ocean lives a square yellow sea sponge with a penchant for stalking wild jellyfish (as there is nothing like a great tasting PB&J sandwich made from jelly straight from the source). You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Customers who bought this product also commonly purchased the following combination of items.
With see-through roof walks, grab irons, and other separately added parts, this model is a detailed replica of the Pullman-Standard PS-1 boxcar.
Like the EMD diesels that became ubiquitous on American railroads, the PS-1 was part of the postwar shift away from customized, railroad-specific locos and cars toward standardized designs produced in large quantities on efficient assembly lines. MTH Premier O Scale freight cars are the perfect complement to any manufacturer's scale proportioned O Gauge locomotives. Virtually every sturdy car is offered in two car numbers which makes it even easier than ever to combine them into a mult-car consist.

Sponge Bob - as our little yellow friend is known - has a pet snail named Gary, a neighbor and best friend Patrick (from the Starfish family) and a co-worker octopus who hails to Squidward Tentacles. In an era before air travel was common, the Pennsylvania Railroad's Broadway - along with its rival, the New York Central's Twentieth Century Limited - were the way to travel between New York and Chicago in style. Pullman had been making freight cars for more than half a century when it hit a home run with the PS-1. No wonder the PS-1 was soon followed by the highly successful PS-2 covered hopper, PS-3 open hopper, PS-4 flatcar, and PS-5 gondola. Whether you prefer to purchase cars separately or assemble a unit train, MTH Premier Rolling Stock has the cars for you in a variety of car types and paint schemes. Many of MTH's Premier Rolling Stock offerings can also operate on the tightest O Gauge curves giving them even more added versatitlity to your layout.
Together, each of these fellows mix and mingle with other characters down below doing all the things that landlubbers do - driving cars - err boats - , going to work and yes riding on trains! At the end of a long day at work, you could board the train, have a gourmet dinner in the diner while the porter made up your bed, be rocked to sleep by the gentle motion of your sleeping car, wake up to a fine breakfast, and arrive at your destination in time for a morning meeting.

Imagine you're a CEO or movie star taking in the view from the rear platform of the observation car, as the locomotive's whistle echoes off the Appalachian mountainsides.
What made the PS-1 a landmark was its welded construction - an area in which Pullman led the industry. Our recreation of the Pennsy's finest name train features realistic whistle, bell, and steam chuff sounds, huge plumes of puffing smoke, and station announcements for the Broadway Limited. In addition to lighter weight, welding offered superior strength and better resistance to weather and corrosion than contemporary riveted cars.
Our platform delivers information and technology to make collecting more fun, efficient and affordable. For even more fun, add extra lighted passenger cars, each with interior detail - this heavy, die-cast steam locomotive has plenty of power to get them over the mountains.

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