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MTH HO 81-4004-0 M&M's EMD F3 deluxe freight train set includes a powerful diesel locomotive , three car freight consist with hopper, gondola, and caboose, easy 14 piece snap together track which creates a 36" x 45" RealTrax Oval with removable roadbed , a CSA-approved 24 watt transformer with controller , track lock on with wires to connect to transformer. Add the color and humor of the M&Ma€™s spokes candies to your own railroad with this powerful diesel freight set featuring M&Ma€™s cars. The history of locomotives is the story of an ever-increasing need for speed and power, as trains became heavier and schedules more demanding. In a country famous for mountain railroading, the Gotthard route is the greatest challenge, the one by which the Swiss Federal Railways measures its locomotives. In the 33 first-generation engines built in 1919–21, the powered jackshaft drove a main rod that was connected to both the first set of drivers and a second idler jackshaft.
For American modelers, the Crocodile is perhaps the single most recognizable European locomotive, having been imported as a Marklin model in several scales since the 1930s.
While Electro-Motive's E-units easily outsold Alco's passenger engine, the PA is widely regarded as the most beautiful first-generation diesel - period. On Frances Paris-Orleans (PO) Railway in the mid-1920s, management saw electrification as the answer, and development of new steam locomotives came to a halt. Constructed at a cost of more than 200 lives, the Gotthard line snakes its way around spiral tunnels, across more than a thousand bridges and open passages, and through narrow mountain valleys, culminating in a 2.6% climb to the 9-mile-long Goddard Tunnel — the longest in the world when it was opened in 1882. The jackshaft drive was dictated by the motors available at the time, which were too large to be truck-mounted as in later designs. The 18 second-generation crocodiles, built in 1925–26, used a simpler arrangement with the powered jackshaft driving a main rod connected to the third set of drivers.

Like the Lionel Santa Fe F3, the Marklin HO Crocodile was a top of the line model that many boys of the 1950s and ‘60s dreamed of, but few actually owned. On a trip to Spain during the Spanish Civil War, he encountered soldiers eating pellets of chocolate encased in a hard sugary coating that prevented it from melting. Perhaps no other locomotive looked so right at the head of the streamlined trains of the late forties and fifties that were the last hurrah of American long-distance passenger service. The Gotthard was the stomping ground for the 2-10-0 “Elephants,” the largest steam engines ever used in Switzerland. If you were one of those boys (or even if you weren’t), this new Premier model offers the chance to own the most detailed, smoothest running O gauge model of this iconic mountain goat ever made, available in both the original dual-jackshaft version and the later single-jackshaft style. The 294 PA's and cabless PB's built between 1946 and 1953 powered some of America's most famous name trains, from the Southern Pacific's Daylight to the Pennsylvania's Broadway Limited. He persuaded his superiors to let him drastically rebuild one of the POs aging Pacifics, and the result cemented his reputation as one of the greatest locomotive designers ever.
But when the decision was made to electrify the route, the Elephants were replaced by Crocodiles. Mars invented the recipe for M&M's Plain Chocolate Candies just in time for M&Ma€™s to become a favorite snack of American soldiers in World War II. In recognition of its beauty, some fans refer to the PA as an "honorary steam locomotive."The muscular PA profile and its elegant nose, with the characteristic grille around the headlight, were designed by Ray Patten, General Electric's head of industrial design. Chapelon analyzed the design of the steam engine from end to end, from the cold water in the tender to the steam exiting the stack.

In 1954 the famous slogan a€?The milk chocolate that melts in your mouth, not in your handa€? debuted in the first M&Ma€™s candy TV ads, and in 1972 the candies became animated characters. At the time, GE and Alco were partners in the locomotive business, with GE making the electrical equipment for all Alco diesels.
He modified the boiler and firebox to produce more steam with the same amount of fuel, and opened up nearly every steam passage to improve the flow of steam in and out of the cylinders. Initial practice was to run with both pantographs raised, but some engines were later refitted with improved pans that allowed single-pantograph operation. Testing proved his rebuilt engine delivered 85% more horsepower and was more efficient to operate music to the ears of the very managers who had resisted his ideas for years.
The hugely successful Crocodiles ruled the Gotthard route into the 1950s, when they were displaced by newer power. Many worked into the 1970s on less strenuous routes and switching, and several have been preserved. With over 260 added-on engine and tender detail parts, this is one of the most superbly detailed locomotives we have ever made.

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