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MARION – The legendary Shockwave Semi Jet Truck will return to San Antonio Raceway this weekend for the IHRA Nitro Jam.
Shockwave will be joined by 300 mph jet dragsters, jet funny cars, wheelstanders and the world debut of the crowd-favorite Grave Digger vs.
This year’s Nitro Jam will feature professional competition in Pro Fuel Dragster, AMSOIL Prostalgia™ Nitro Funny Car, Nitro Harley and Fuel Altered and multiple sportsman classes including Top Sportsman, Top Dragster, Super Stock, Stock, Quick Rod, Super Rod, Hot Rod and Junior Dragster. The event will mark the second race of the 2012 IHRA Nitro Jam season.  Championship points on the line in all professional classes as drivers attempt to earn a spot in the year-end Summit Racing Equipment Tournament of Champions.
The 30,000-horsepower Shockwave Semi Jet Truck will return to San Antonio Raceway on Friday and Saturday night.
MARION – The standing-room only crowd estimated near 8,000 at Saturday’s San Antonio Nitro Jam at San Antonio Raceway got quite a thrill when the jet cars and trucks hit the quarter-mile track.
The night sky was ablaze with flames and smoke when Terry Roseberg and Jill Canusco fired up their jet cars for a head-to-head battle during the first round action. The Shockwave semi jet truck lit up the night sky during this weekend's Nitro Jam at San Antonio Raceway. Jill Canusco made two impressive runs in her Queen of Diamonds jet dragster Saturday night at San Antonio Raceway. NASCAR officials held a teleconference today with Sprint Cup Series driver Jeff Gordon in advance of this weekend’s Coke Zero 400 race at Daytona International Speedway. THE MODERATOR: Welcome to today’s NASCAR CAM video teleconference in advance of this weekend’s Coke Zero 400 at Daytona International Speedway. NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Jeff Gordon will be aiming for this third win of the season this weekend at the Coke Zero 400 at Daytona International Speedway.
JEFF GORDON: It’s certainly an interesting aspect to going into Daytona after coming from Sonoma that a lot of guys are going to have to consider and think about. Jeff Gordon said he is looking forward to returning to Daytona this weekend for the Coke Zero 400. JEFF GORDON: The best way to do it is by having one spotter talking on both radios, or if you’re the leader, you can actually talk to, whether it’s your teammate or whoever is pushing you, if you’re on the same radio. JEFF GORDON: You know, it’s hard to really pinpoint why any track you favor, or it favors you.
JEFF GORDON: I feel like those guys have really been clicking this year on the 88 team, and you know, we have seen how good they have run, how consistent they have been. Jeff Gordon leads Carl Edwards on the way to respective runner-up and third-place finishes last Sunday at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, Calif. JEFF GORDON: You know, I’m not a big fan of being on somebody else’s channel, let’s say, if I’m the follower or the car pushing.
Jeff Gordon, NASCAR's all-time road course king with nine career victories on the road, congratulates Kurt Busch on his first NASCAR Sprint Cup Series road course win on Sunday at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, Calif. JEFF GORDON: That’s a great question and I think the best answer is to look at the Nationwide Series right now. JEFF GORDON: Well, the one thing that came up from the test that was unique is something about the bottom groove.
JEFF GORDON: You know, I got asked this question the other day, and it’s a pretty simple answer. JEFF GORDON: No, I think if you look at my career, and you look at the way that I’ve done things over the last, well, I don’t know, maybe 15 or 20 years, I put my focus into one team as much as I possibly can in one series.
THE MODERATOR: We appreciate your participation today in today’s NASCAR CAM with Jeff Gordon. Could the 2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season become the most competitive season in recent years? Sunday afternoon before a crowd of 152,000 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Carl Edwards became the third different winner in as many races to win on the Sprint Cup Series circuit this season.
Edwards took advantage of a mistake in the pits by Tony Stewart’s crew and then powered his No.
Carl Edwards does his trademark backflip after winning for the second time at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.
The victory also gave Edwards some redemption after his pole-winning car was knocked out of the race last weekend at Phoenix. During a late-race pit stop, Edwards took the lead from Stewart during a cycle of pit stops when Stewart was penalized for dragging an air wrench from his stall under caution on Lap 155.
Stewart ended up finishing the race in second and posted his eighth top-10 finish in 13 races at LVMS. Carl Edwards celebrates winning the Kobalt Tools 400 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, his second victory at the track.
Juan Pablo Montoya finished a close third and it was his first top-10 finish in five races at LVMS. The victory was Edwards’ 19th career win and his third in the past five races dating back to Phoenix last November. Earnhardt notched his second straight top 10 and climbed from 17th to 10th in the series point standings. The series is idle next weekend, but will return to action the following weekend at Bristol Motor Speedway. Paris Hilton waves to the sellout crowd at Las Vegas Motor Speedway before the start of the Kobalt Tools 400.

The US Air Force Thunderbirds flyover Las Vegas Motor Speedway before the start of the Kobalt Tools 400. Matt Kenseth leads the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series field to the green flag to start the Kobalt Tools 400 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Polesitter Matt Kenseth had to pit early in the Kobalt Tools 400 after suffering a flat tire.
Tony Stewart had the fastest car for much of the race, leading a race-high 163 laps of the Kobalt Tools 400 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.
Tony Stewart passes four-time Las Vegas Motor Speedway winner Jimmie Johnson, putting him a lap down.
Despite spinning on Lap 102, Kurt Busch was able to finish ninth at his hometrack Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Crew members push the 18 car of Kyle Busch through the garage after the engine blew on Lap 107 of the Kobalt Tools 400 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.
Jeff Gordon is towed back to the garage after an accident on Lap 194 ended his Kobalt Tools 400 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.
After dominating much of the race, Tony Stewart was assessed a penalty for removing equipment from his pit stall on Lap 155 of the Kobalt Tools 400 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Carl Edwards crosses the finish line to win the Kobalt Tools 400 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.
Race Comments:Before an estimated crowd of 152,000 Carl Edwards won the Kobalt Tools 400, his 19th NASCAR Sprint Cup Series win. AUSTIN – Seven drivers in the Pre War division from the Sportscar Vintage National Championship brought back a lot of racing memories for the race fans on Saturday at the Circuit of The Americas. Rounding out the top seven drivers were Reed Yates in a 1935 MG, Tony Parrella in a 1934 Chevrolet Bigcar, Lester Neidell in a 1933 Plymouth and Lou Marchang in a 1934 MG. Heavy rain on Saturday morning delayed most of the racing action and qualifying time trials. Below is a collection of photos taken by Mark Broughton of some of the Pre War division racing action at the 3.427-mile road course.
This weekend’s Nitro Jam at San Antonio Raceway will feature two of the most popular monster trucks in the country battling it out on the quarter-mile dragstrip.
The legendary Grave Digger monster truck, driven by Randy Brown, will meet the fan-favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles machine, which will be piloted by newcomer Joey Parnell. The two trucks will face off in an all-out quarter-mile drag race, making it the first time in Nitro Jam history that the two trucks will square off. In addition to the Grave Digger versus Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle showdown, Nitro Jam officials said that fans will also see a variety of nitro classes including Pro Fuel Dragsters, AMSOIL Prostalgia™ Nitro Funny Cars, Nitro Harleys and Nostalgia Fuel Altereds in addition to the Shockwave jet semi, wheelstanders, jet dragsters and more. A capacity crowd watched Grave Digger race at last year's Nitro Jam at San Antonio Raceway. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Monster Truck will race Grave Digger at the Nitro Jam at San Antonio Raceway this weekend. MARION – The International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) Nitro Jam Drag Racing Series returns to San Antonio Raceway this weekend for the San Antonio Nationals.
The two-day drag racing spectacular will feature some of the nation’s fastest IHRA-sanctioned drag racers competing at speeds over 200 mph on the quarter-mile dragstrip. The IHRA Nitro Jam race card will feature five professional championship drag racing classes – AMSOIL Nitro Funny Car presented by Aeromotive, Outlaw Fuel Altered, Pro Stock, Jet Dragster and Jet Truck. With two races left on the 2015 schedule, the championships are up for grabs in all classes going into the Summit World Finals on Oct. 24 Drive to End Hunger and DuPont Chevrolet, finished second last Sunday at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, California. You know, drafting has changed a lot since he’s come into the sport and it’s certainly changed a tremendous amount since I came into the Sprint Cup Series, as well.
It seems like racing at Daytona has evolved, the racing now is not the same as five years ago and that racing was not the same as five years before.
But the next big thing that’s coming is the car of the future, the 2013 car that they are working on right now. Could you describe the differences in the two-car draft between being the following car and the leading car, and is there a way for y’all to communicate with each other not via the radio to know when not to go low and high and all those things? That seems to be something that’s really evolved since February that we saw a lot of at Talladega and we’ll see more of in Daytona this week, where you have numerous car channels in your radio programmed in there, pre-programmed, of guys that you plan on working with or potential teams and drivers that you might be working with.
How hard is it to make moves, if you’re the leader or follower, on a typical race weekend, you can go where you need to go and not worry about another car being hooked to you. You know, it’s not the preferred situation to be in, whether you’re being pushed or whether you’re the pusher.
The next couple of weeks we have a couple of wild cards in Daytona, of course, and Kentucky. I know we talked about Dale Junior saying he hates — maybe not hates, but isn’t a fan, and all four of you guys at Hendrick really kicked butt at Talladega. And I think when I think it of going to restrictor plate races, even though things have changed, I still think that Dale Junior is one of the best out there.
Awhile back there was talk about because of the stress and everything else that the new retirement age was going to be about 38 to 40, and of course Mark Martin sets his own standard there. The Chase definitely heightens the emotions and the stress level and the pressure to go out there, not only once you get in the Chase for the championship, but trying to make it into the Chase.

Do you ever talk with guys about your same age about their feelings, Stewart and Burton that are close in age, do you ever talk about that at all? Jeff, with the new two-car draft and the style of driving for Daytona, what is your thoughts on the multi-car communication?
You mentioned earlier that the new Car of Tomorrow that NASCAR is working on, with this new car, do you think that NASCAR might be working with the companies a little bit closer than in the past? It has a lot of the same philosophies in that car that were originated through what we called the Impala, or the Car of Tomorrow, that we are currently running in the Cup Series.
Wondering with Kentucky coming up, a new track, do you do anything different as far as preparation or anything that you’ll do differently before you get to the track next week on Thursday?
So we were able to gather some data to put on our seven post (ph) as well as our computer simulation.
Do you anticipate the bumps to be a problem in the track or is that just part of the track’s character? I don’t have — you’re so far ahead of things that I’m even aware of that I have to come to you for information. I want to take you back quite a few years when you ran the Sprints and the Midgets, and you got fairly proficient at. It doesn’t seem to be a big evolution from where we are at, but you never know, with all of those details that are going into that car, what they can produce.
But after Kentucky, a couple of tracks coming up that have been good to you over your career, three victories at New Hampshire. Do you think back often on winning that inaugural race there and where did that rank in your career highlights and your trophy case? Is this maybe Junior’s best shot to snap that long losing streak he’s got, coming from a guy who you yourself snapped a 66-race race streak earlier this season? Because word is flying around that a couple of the car companies are saying, these cars don’t look like the products that we sell and they want people to cheer for the products that they produce. Yet they incorporated some of those body lines that really are significant to the car manufacturers. Follow-up question, are you going to enter the $5 million race at Las Vegas at the end of the year? This will be the first NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race held on the newly paved Super Speedway. It’s funny, I just finished building a house and did a trophy display area, and the prominent trophy in the middle happens to be the smallest one, and in my opinion, the memories that come along with that are the most significant, and that’s my inaugural Brickyard 400trophy. Other parts of it probably have to do with the bumps, because there are some very significant bumps. Do you understand what he’s saying about controlling the race versus the pre planning of it?
It’s about this big (indicating), it’s not much, but it sure was a big victory and something I’ll never forget. What’s going to dictate the next level of evolution in racing in Daytona from now to whatever the next thing is? And any time I’m ever asked about either my favorite win or my biggest win of my career or the most significant one, that one always rises to the top. You know, I’ve always said that it’s really three components that’s going to make those decisions, and when that time comes, that it’s time for me to maybe move on from driving full-time, and that’s being healthy, enjoying what I’m doing, and being competitive.
And you have to really compromise, because there are some times, you may be getting pushed and other times where you’re going to be pushing. The transitions are still a lot more significant and abrupt at Daytona, and as we saw in February, it’s pretty easy if you get in the wrong position behind that car or if you’re the lead car and you make two evasive of a move getting in the corner or exiting the corner, you can spin out and possibly wreck. I think if we are racing cars out there that have more than just decals that simulate or look like the cars on the showroom floor; we actually have certain designs in the car that signifies that, I think that will help them sell more cars and want them continue to be involved in our sport long term.
When it comes down to the final laps of that race, which position you want to be in, it’s critical, as well as you might not be in control of it.
And that sort of led us into the direction that we are in now with those two-car drafts, but you didn’t do that at Daytona. You did it at Talladega, because the grip level, that track had been repaved, you had a big, wide racetrack, very easy transition. But I think there are far more positives about being on a channel that can control both cars. You know, we try to plan from the last mile-and-a-half track and the things we have learned with the car this year up to this point, and a little bit of what we have learned from the tire test Mark Martin did.
It allows to you guide yourself through the pack a lot better, through crashes, or the cautions or anything else that might be going on, how you can communicate as drivers back and forth about trying to keep the car cool when you want to swap if you need to. I think those bumps really come into play when you start driving the car in a lot deeper like you will on a qualifying run.
You know, is the heat going to take away dirt from the racetrack to where it’s going to be a lot harder to do the two-car draft. You know, there’s still some unknowns, and it’s going to be very interesting on Friday when we get out there on the track.

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