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Google Ads are only seen by non-members of RMweb - Create an RMweb account and you'll only receive modelling ads. The model will incorporate powered driving cars at each end, with a full and correct 9-car train as the basic model at a pledge price of A?255. If we only got an incredibly low number of DCC sound orders then we would refund pledgers, but we do not need many sound orders to make it worthwhile (and I would like sound on at least one!).
If people go for a non sound option will an off the shelf sound decoder fit as an aftermarket installation? Yes, it should - the spec always included a space for a speaker before we knew that Rapido could offer factory fitted sound. And I've been very impressed by Legomanbiffo's Voyager sounds so if he and I can come to an arrangement to use his Pendolino sounds, I'm sure it would be awesome.
I don't know much about DCC Sound myself, so you could be right, but I have just had a quick google and I am not convinced you are.

The Pendolino Kickstarter is offering factory fitted DCC Sound in both power cars for A?95. But of course, if you think the sound option on offer is costly you can order the version without sound and fit your own as provision for aftermarket sound will be designed into the chassis of both variants.
My query earlier was due to the fact that I have no real use for a Pendolino but want one so it probably wouldn't get much use and hence the option for adding found at a later date should I decide to but at that price if it is a sound decoder is in both power cars then that is superb value. Our Brass Rail has the HIGHEST percentage of Copper on the market allowing it to have excellent conductivity. Rapido are a highly respected name in North American model railroading and are no strangers to Briitsh modellers, having recently launched their first British model, the APT-E. A shorter 5-car variant will also be available, comprising each of the basic vehicle types, for a pledge of A?195 along with a set of two trailer cars (A?30 pledge)to create a prototypical "strengthened" 11-car train. Carefully hand-painted, the figure you see here just a small part of the Polk’s GeneratioNeXt G Scale figures collection.

In a first for British N all powered versions will also be available with DCC sound factory-fitted in both power cars, for an extra A?95 pledged, if demand is sufficient.
If the funding targets are reached it is hoped that a prototype can be laser-scanned by February 2015, with the production cycle taking approxmately 12 months.
Rapido will fund the production of 200 units, to be sold internationally at a retail price TBA, while British modellers are asked to support the project via a Kickstarter crowd funding scheme to produce the remaining 800.
Given the shared tilt technology the Pendolino is, almost literally, the APT-E's grandchild so producing an N-scale model of this train makes perfect sense.

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