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Because of non-railroad abuse of the site, new members MUST use their first names (at least) to join NO EXCEPTIONS! The Gilpin was the first mining railroad I considered for modeling fodder and since it was 2-foot went along nicely with my addiction to the Maine railroads. Watch out hanging around here though--Woodie will have you modeling much bigger things if you don't resist! Herb-Keith hangs out with legends of narrow gauge history, not the likes of blacksmiths like me! From left to right-Gilpin Tram water car #300, GT ore car-phase one, GT Shay #1, and GT snowplow #02.
And, there is an almost-prototype connection between the Mogollon in our model world - the real Gilpin Tram sold two shays to the Silver City, Pinos Altos, and Mogollon Ry, so who's to say more stock couldn't have been sold to the neighboring Mogollon Ry?
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Models in this series are equipped with a PC board, which can be replaced with a decoder-equipped board at any time. Introduced in th 1960s, C-630 was a 3,000-horsepower version of the popular C-628 which incorporated an advanced GE AC traction alternator that provided the 200-horsepower boost. Keith has done some great articles on the Gilpin, including the ore cars and how he made his own up in resin. However, Keith wants to know about others modeling the Gilpin Tramway, here are a few things that I have.
While these pieces are owned by the Mogollon Railway, they are still somewhat faithful models of Gilpin equipment. The Gilpin Tram is one of my "first loves" in narrow gauge and then I "discovered" the Silver City, Pinos Altos, & Mogollon RR which used the Gilpin Tram's first 2 Shays. Then I saw the Mogollon and what Woodie did with that and so decided to alter my plans and freelance a railroad for an actual mining company that existed in the Big Bend area of Texas.

The water car is now MRy #301, ore car is #69, loco is still #1 as it would have been on the Silver City RR, and plow is GT (Gila Tramway) #02.
As you might note, there are a couple of metal patches on this car since it had rusty holes when acquired from the Gilpin Tram. Keith has published plans and his models in the "paper" press for years and even did an article with plans for my beloved SCPA&M.

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