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Google Ads are only seen by non-members of RMweb - Create an RMweb account and you'll only receive modelling ads. It might need someone from a retail background to approach them or even the NGS to at least ask the question.
Grahames right, we need someone to manufacture the mundane stuff like the Escort, Sierra, Cavalier etc. Please find below a list of vehicles that have been noted as being the kind of vehicles that would be very well received by Railway Modellers in the UK.
Ford Transit - generic shape throughout the 20 years multitude of colours plus nationwide companies i.e. It would be theoretically possible to get aluminium tools made for injection moulding for a reasonable representation of a car within these costings.

The costs I came up with could be possible, but are based on doing a production run, which someone would then have to sell on. The cheapy Chinese cars are popular as scenic fillers, but should be avoided for use where you want a prominent traffic scene. This all came to a head after my dissapointment at planning the sceneary for Newport - something which is starting to take shape slowly next to the pc.
So how many Ford Fiestas, Escorts, Cortinas, Sierras, Vauxhall Cavaliers, Chevettes, Vivas, Rover SDis, 213s, 216's etc do you think I'm going to need???
Now I know not all layouts are that big, but even HHC which we have has 10 - 20 vehicles on it.
By no means accurate, because a lot of work would need to be done for reasonably accurate figures.

You nor I have no idea, I would probably buy at least 2 or 3 of each type, then there's the multitude of colours.
So I would be buying maybe 20 or 30 vehicles, Oh and I haven't included Buses, Lorries or Vans. They appeaed as EP versions at a show some time back but nothing has been seen or heard about them since. Then there are the outstanding Oxford DC N gauge vehicles (Landy 88, RF bus, Daimler 420, etc) that were due at the end of last year and have been slipping back quarter by quarter to the third quarter this year.

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