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I started out using RailModeller myself but the track laying itself proved to be somewhat less organised than I had intended it to be!
RailModeller is excellent as far I'm concerned not just for designing layouts but as a mini CAD package as well. I have a friend who is building a 17' long OO layout and he is a bit miffed because he can't get as much in and it feels cramped.
This did take a long time to get to this stage, on and off about 3 years, but I was also spending time with the ECoS and iTrain and then pulled it all together.

The temptation now is go too fast at track laying and spoiling it, so it is case of steady as she goes. Next I treat it as though you would if cutting a thread in metal, turn in, work it back, turn in etc. Slow, laborious yes but as I do not do much in one go I find drilling this size hole this way easier to focus on than using the Dremel. When I can get some more posted you will see the method in my madness and would appreciate more comments.

Busy testing aspects of the next release of iTrain at the moment on custom test tracks so I don't need a big layout for it. It now has helix and gradient calculators built in as well as being able to work in layers i:e baseboards on one layer, track on another, buildings on another, so you can show or hide as much detail as you want.

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