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New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score News Crime U.S. A 39-year-old man attempted suicide by lying across the tracks of an R train in Brooklyn on Tuesday. An off-duty cop on his way to work early Tuesday talked a man out of a suicide attempt in Brooklyn, police said. Burrello said the man wanted to kill himself after falling on hard times in his marriage and fearful of losing his 11-year-old son. After their conversation, the man walked toward the platform, and a crowd of straphangers pulled him into safety, cops said, and then pulled Burrello up too. All photos are by Jeremiah Cox This Website is maintained and copyright © 2003-2014, Jeremiah Cox. Michael Burrello noticed a 39-year-old man lying across the train tracks on the R line at the 86th St. The station in addition to serving the large surrounding shopping district of Jackson Heights is also a major transfer point for passengers between express and local trains, to the number 7 line, whose local station at 74 Street-Broadway is located on its elevated structure above the station, as well as to six bus routes to surrounding areas without subway service, most of which begin and end in the station's covered bus loop and layover area just outside the main station building entrance at street level.

To facilitate this the station has two relatively narrow by IND standards for a busy transfer point island platforms for the four track line and a full length mezzanine that is almost still completely open with the exception of a small section of it at the extreme eastern end, albeit only the portion above the Manhattan-bound platform. Here some sort of non-public area has been carved out of the mezzanine and has been fully tiled over as part of the stations recent renovations. The mezzanine also has a number of glassed off areas along it, that were built probably to entice a shopping concourse to open within fare control, although the only stores there so far are some Bank of America ATMs and what looks like a record store. The station's renovations were completed in 2005.
This also brought it (as well as the elevated Flushing Line Station up to ADA standards) For decorations the white tiled walls of the underground mezzanine have a single dark blue tile towards the top of it for a trimline. This single tile has a black boarder above and below it of extremely narrow tiles (perhaps a quarter of the size of a regular tile).
On the local track walls is a trimline of three dark blue tiles with a black boarder, beneath it, two tiles down are tiles that spell out Roosevelt, white text on black tile.
Staircase to and from the platforms up to this mezzanine won't be mentioned, there at regular, almost constant intervals. Here, right at the end of the mezzanine, towards the mezzanine's southern side is bank of three escalators and a staircase that lead up through the street and into the air, to a small mezzanine level beneath the Flushing Line's tracks, with staircases up to each platform.

This exit leads to a street stair on the SE corner of Broadway and 73 St, (it's a five-point intersection, 37th Road ends at it providing the fifth point), as well as one that is set back from the street to be along storefronts along the northside of 37 Road, just after it begins at this intersection. Continuing down the mezzanine we pass the Bank of America ATMs and reach its middle. Across from this secondary exit is the main, triple-wide large 'grand staircase' that leads up to the surface and the station's main headhouse, that along with the covered bus loop and turnaround area take up the entire odd-triangular shaped block that Broadway, Roosevelt Avenue, 75th Street and a tiny bit of 74th Street form. This is where the 24-hour token booth is along with doors to the outside world along Broadway, Roosevelt Avenue and directly out to the bus loop. Photos of this section of the station are here ADA access is also here in the form of elevators down to each IND platform.
To provide an additional way for transferring passengers between the subway and elevated to bypass having to go through the main station entrance a pair of escalators lead directly from this mezzanine level, through the sidewalk just outside the station house, and up to the main elevated upper mezzanine level beneath the 7 line's tracks. There is also a pair of Men's and Women's Restrooms (open the standard 5am to Midnight) along the IND mezzanine here. Continuing down the mezzanine there is an additional exit that is at station's eastern end, beyond where some sort of crew use has taken a bite out of the mezzanine, and the last staircase down to the Forest Hills-bound platform is.

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