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Layout Design Forum Discussion resource for planning your dream layout, large, small or micro! Nice solid design, If it's your starter or one of your first your going to be really happy with it. I think I'm gonna put two turn-outs in the bottom left of the pic so I will have a place to add-on to later. I would be happy with that, I see some long, long trains in the near future It sure should be fun getting it up and running.
Four years ago I sold a locomotive I no longer wanted, and with the extra cash I decided to buy something I normally wouldn’t. I spent a bit of time contemplating how to make a fixture and worked out some of the details to manufacture a prototype. If you look closely at the image above two rails can be seen protruding from the right side of the lower turnout. If you look closely at the lower left front of the engine in the large version of this picture below (click on the picture) the engine is sitting on these pieces of rail on top of the turnout.
Since there are lots of posts on this blog that are not necessarily related to the building of the CNJ Bronx Terminal, relevant posts about just construction can be tricky to follow.
The way of letting track climb on top of other tracks as is on your to say the least complicated track was quite common on seldom used connections here in Sweden. I find it stimulating and encouraging to see work like this, rolling up your sleeves and tackling something so different and new is both brave and energising. My favorite characteristic is the design of the freight loading doors of the freight house allwoing a string of cars to be pulled up to them spaced for the right interval!

I’ve actually been on the ground where this was as also I have been to the Harlem Transfer property.
The trackwork looks like Excedrin headache number 100 to me but looks great I will follow along with great interest. Hello Tim your skills never stop amazing me.I hope you are enjoying your new place of residence,I will miss you guys on this years Double headers tour. I have been going over this Bronx Terminal site you are recreating and it is very impressive. Where ever there was heavy foot traffic to load or unload freight cars dirt would be brought to level the surface between the ties so that the workers would not trip while working. After you've done a few setups or layouts your going to want to get some grades and height working for you, it adds a lot more dimension to a layout. Since March of 2007 I have been documenting the construction of the former CNJ Bronx Terminal in HO scale. I almost know what you went through, I had to build partial turnouts on my model of the SS Badger. For what it is worth I grew up in the south Bronx in the 1950s and played in this yard as a kid. I would like to send you some CNJ stuff I have, but wasn’t able to locate an e-mail address…HELP! For my day job, I design track building tools for Fast Tracks, a small company I own and operate.
The bracing for removable tracks you refer to, could they be turnout actuators arms instead?

The most common use of this turnouts was to connect hidden engine depots out where mainlines passed through deep forests. Permanent tracks with roadbeds would be harder to camoflague from the enemy spy aircraft ( read USSR ) in the cold war era.
I am very happy with the fixtures you made for me, even single wheelpairs run smoothly through, amazing! Am contacting your service section to get advice on the best combination of your products to buy to construct my new layout. My latest is a 44 foot long On3 module project in 9 sections with all track being hand laid with your fast track products.
Having never worked in On3 before or never laying hand made track is only a few of the required things I need to learn to pull this off. Your latest on-line newsletter helped to ease my pain and you must of increased the audio on the videos because I can hear them now without earphones.
I am excited to start building track and turnouts now that the modules bases are ready and you have made me feel that once I get started I will find that this monster track can be tamed and become a pet project.

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