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All boxes are sealed and it will be a surprise which car types are included with each set until the box is opened. The pipe cleaners give a much better appearance of the round brushes that spin along the side of the car.. The nice thing with the pipe cleaners is they can work for any scale, just by increasing the width of the bristles.

I'm glad you like the pipe cleaner idea and thanks for taking the time to post your comments.
Unlike some others we do post positive feedback as soon as payment has cleared and do not wait until they buyer has posted feedback. I will definitely have to steal the idea of having pipe cleaners amongst my modeling supplies.

The only one I ever saw had a pipe hoop with high pressure nozzles the cars passed through as a final-final rinse as I was told the detergents were strong enough to cause paint fading and corrosion if left in step wells, hinges and window frames on locomotives.

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