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Maybe this Bing Bird's Eye of the former GTW service area in Pontiac MI can help sort your buildings out. The shops could go where the brick building is still standing just to the right of the roundhouse foundations.
It can take quite a bit of room to get all those tracks connected at the proper spacings while leaving adequate clearances. For this view, I rotated the engine service area a bit from its orientation on the custom plan and did not reconnect all the leads -- but you can see it would take a bit more length.
The main tracks of the rest of the design are at the bottom of the image and the main visible yard was to down and to the right of this view. Thanks Rich, but I posted them more as examples of the compromises necessary due to the space limitations with which we're all faced. Actually, the width was less of a constriction than the length, as I had created the river (just east of the water tower and partially visible in the first photo) which then dictated how much room I had left to create a semblance of a town to the south of the main line and the servicing area to the north. I had originally started with a track plan,of sorts, for a larger room, but family needs grabbed some of the available space, so I tossed the plan and simply started laying roadbed around the room.
Byron, believe it or not, I have been using one of the inspection pits from the roundhouse out on the inbound lead, which adds another foot to the length of the lead.
You could put it on a hill and have elevation or maybe even better have the other track go down and around? The above is my opinion, from an active and experienced Model Railroader in N scale and HO since 1961. I suspect that yards also eat a lot of space relative to their operating or scenic interest.

Because of the very limited space here, my nominal 90' turntable scales-out to an actual 89-footer. I'm working on a engine service area which is loosely based on the big steam and early diesel years. I'm looking at 5 tracks right now, 2 outbound tracks under the coal tower with the large sand tower, water plug, and oil crane, 1-inbound track on the outside of the coal tower which will have the ash pit , water plug, and small sand tower. Here's an example taken from a custom plan with many of the same Walthers components you are trying to fit. I used one track for both the ash pit gondola and the coaling tower coal supply and water cranes rather than a free-standing water tower The elevated water tank is the circle behind the roundhouse and shops. Why not abandone those ancient facilities and use a sugar beet dump pit for inspections like a California central coast shortline railroad does.
My question is how many of you have put these items in and then regretted giving up so much real estate when you could have done other things  with that space. Wayne - your turntable and engine house was an inspiring idea and it does not take up a huge amount of space but yet gives a centerpice of attention.
I have moved these building around many times and thought the coaling tower being about a foot from the turntable looked good.
I see the backshop and the trackage I'm somewhat needing to do and then I could place the machine shop there as well. I like some of the ideas and mthods you have posted on your webpage and I am saving your link. With your permission I think I might try a scratchbuilt application myself utilizing some of your methods.

I'm not sure how I want to try to fit in the machine shop and diesel shop, and I would like to also fit in another backshop if I can. I'm not sure if I should put it on one of the outbound tracks of the coal tower or have it on whatever trackage I have from the diesel house.
I figured I'd save a little room and split the oil crane between the inbound and 1 outbound track, but if it looked ok, I could put another oil crane with the water plug between the 2 outbounds. Another issue I need to keep in mind is A-B diesel units with the 90' turntable, so I think I need to keep the fuel more towards their house. Most of this looks good, but I would have to get the yard tracks to the opposite side and keep the 48" width to a minimum. I'm planning on both coal and oil burners, with a sprinkle of early fuel squeezers as well. The coaling tower is the square one , and no, it does not come with any sanding capabilities as manufactured. I could put one on using what I have as a last resort, but I have some room to work with for this area but don't want to go too overboard either, since I need a yard attached that fits the service area.
If you were not bound by your narrow width, would you have gone about yours a little differently?
Your's looks very proportionate in my view, which I hope I can achieve in the larger area.

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