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Since I have to accumulate a few things to get started on the Monopoly & Octopus RR construction project, I thought I would use the Bachmans' EZ Track pieces parts that I have to experiment with. I did have to buy a set of Hayes Bumpers to terminate the two sidings that I have designed into the layout but it was a small purchase.
After laying out the track in the pattern I had come up with, I traced its' outline onto the plywood. Next up comes the wiring, I am pouring through the book I got to figure out how this is going to work. While I am reading up on the electrical, I get to make up some filler forms from more styrofoam sheet and wadded up newspaper bits so I can get on to the laying of plaster encrusted sheets. As you can see, I have one crossover where I will be making a scratched up bridge of some type, haven't decided which way to jump whether it will be a steel girder or plate type unit. Rail joiners are made of soft metal and can be difficult to use if you are not experienced with them. I don't want to use them for the M&O RR as the EZ Track is a bit overboard with its' attatched fake ballast base and I am going to have to figure out a way around that yet, but I wouldn't let a little thing like that stop me.

I also had to buy a second package of Hot Melt Glue Sticks due to the way I chose to construct the risers.
I will be using the Woodland Scenics Cloth product for this so I can get a feel for how it goes down.
I am going to save the real Woodland Scenics risers that I have as well as buy a few more for the M&O RR so I went a different route with this one. Surprisingly, this went rather quick, I spent less than three hours piecing it all together. The Rerailer has inside and out side connections so I can tap into that once the power wires are hooked up to the rerailer to route more power to a buss strip and feed the odd ends and a few places about the layout. I will be waiting until I get the electrics figured out and installed before actually installing the plaster cloth sheets in case I have to drill through the mounting board at any point ( I am sure this is going to happen). There are two sidings where I can install some sort of industrial loading areas, that to is open at the moment. I want to use some sort of water feature so I can experiment with that a bit before getting to the M&O RR layout.

Hardly a week goes by that they don't come up with a reason to buy either a replacement item or a new system for someone. I am going to be adding a small villiage layout in there someplace so I can set up a small depot scene as well as utilize a little bit of road making and some buildings. Most of these come packaged with a generous supply of styrofoam packing custom made to fit the item. I also have plans for three tunnels, one on the right side and a double unit at the top where the two lines run next to one another. There is ample room for me to experiment with some rock faces and plenty of scenery opportunities.
This is just packing material to protect the contents and at the rate we go through this stuff it is just tossed out in rather large quanities.

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