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Over the last year Flames of War has slowly become more and more popular at Triple Helix (which coincides with a drop in the popularity of 40k due to GW's price rises).
First the whole building was given a heavy dry brush of Scorched Brown, followed by Calthan Brown. Very nice Mortis  The shading and weathered look you've got on the plastering on the buildings looks amazing. Ah those look very nice also, a little cleaner but still I like the little dirtying you have done to the bottoms of the walls. In hun vijfde kwalificatiewedstrijd om deelname aan het EK vrouwenvoetbal 2017 hebben de Red Flames dinsdag in Leuven vlot met 6-0 gewonnen van Estland, 80e op de wereldranglijst. België, 28e op de wereldranglijst, gaat aan de leiding in groep 7, Estland is de rode lantaarn. Bij de rust hadden de meisjes van bondscoach Ives Serneels een 3-0 voorsprong op het bord gezet. Amerika is de crisis sneller te boven gekomen dan Europa, dankzij een krachtiger stimuleringsbeleid. Pictures have emerged of the Polish Armoured Train that will be released for Flames of War.

Felix's Gaming Pages Blog is proudly powered by WordPressEntries (RSS) and Comments (RSS). Guitar Sign - Rock 'N' Roll - Every guitarist will want one of these colorful Rock 'N' Roll Guitar signs! Om du inte accepterar anvandandet av cookies kan du stanga av det i installningarna for din webblasare. The buildings are of simple design and at this scale you don't get lots of detail so these were a pretty simple paint job.
I always enjoy looking at terrain that you've painted, you seem to put in as much effort as you do with individual miniatures which is very uncommon, I know I can never be that bothered at least. As you say should fit in pretty much anywhere in western Europe, France or Italy were my first thoughts. Maud Coutureels (11e), Tinne De Caigny (21e en 50e), Tessa Wullaert (30e en 63e) en Tine Schryvers (66e) scoorden. This sign is the perfect gift for any guitarist's bedroom, practice room, family room or garage. While most trees, roads, rocks and hills ect, work well at pretty much any scale, buildings tend not to.

The little bushes around the buildings got a coat of Dark Angels Green and a dry brushing of Snot Green. Design features a double humbucker guitar with flames and the words "Rock 'N' Roll" on the body.
So I've been painting up some small scale resin buildings to bolster Triple Helix's terrain collection.
The walls where then given a slightly watered-down coat of Dheneb Stone followed by a thinned-down mixture of Flesh Wash which picked out all the cracks and texture. De acht groepswinnaars en de beste zes tweedes plaatsen zich voor de eindronde in Nederland.
Whether they play drums, guitar, pianoor any music instrument, we have a unique music gift for them.
De overige twee nummers twee strijden in een dubbel barrageduel voor het laatste EK-ticket.

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