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Model: The BR 52 Steam Locomotive features a DCC interface, can motor with flywheel, all metal frame, metal tender, bi-directional prototypical lighting and all wheel drive. Prototype: Over 6700 locomotives of this type were built, mainly for use on the Eastern Front during the Second World War. If you can help resolve any errors or missing data on this page, please let me know (above).
It therefore has a claim to being one of the most numerous steam locomotive classes in the world. To achieve such numbers, the German locomotive manufacturers were merged into the Gemeinschaft Grossdeutscher Lokomotivhersteller (GGL), which was a subdivision of the Hauptausschuss Schienenfahrzeuge (HAS) founded in 1942. Key HAS figures were the Reichsminister for munition and armament, Albert Speer and the Reich transport minister, Julius Dorpmuller.The class 52 was a radically simplified version of the pre-war Reichsbahn class 50 locomotive (produced 1938-1942).

The simplified design of the class 52 was intended to reduce the man-hours and skills needed to make it and an adaptation to war-time shortages of materials.
Additional design changes gave the locomotives and their crew better protection against the cold winters experienced on the eastern front. Poland was another country with more than a thousand and East Germany had about 800 examples.
West European countries replaced them with more modern locos as soon as possible, with the exception of Austria where they were used until 1976. The simplicity and effectiveness as well as the large production number meant that many east European countries were slow to withdraw Kriegslokomotiven, with Poland using them until the early 1990s. Turkey and Bosnia were also late users of the type.PerformanceWagner had wanted locomotives which were long-lasting and easy to maintain and unlike British engineers did not consider a high power-to-weight ratio a priority.

The resulting Kriegslokomotiven had a low axleload of 15 tons and could haul 40% more freight than the Prussian locomotives they replaced. Turkish Railways acquired 43 additional locos at the end of the war, these had previously been on hire.Several have been preserved. The 555.3 differed visibly (besides the differences brought about by use of the semi-liquid fuel) also by having a lid on the smokestack to slow down cooling of the refractory lining in the flue passage, to prevent its cracking.

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