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The design uses a raised baseboard for the railway part, with a lower section depicting the harbour. Locomotives were rarely used on the line in Caernarfon Harbour - all wagons being horse drawn. Obviously it is not possible to model this feature, so we would therefor suggest locomotives approprita to the area are used instead. Many model train manufacturers include examples of layouts in their catalogs as inspiration.

Two full main lines for continuous running of two full trains, a double track swing bridge over an industrial harbor, plenty of industrial spurs and even a spur running off the layout for future expansion. Short wheelbase wagons from the principal manufacturers will suffice, and although passenger trains did not run on the inset goods tracks, there is nothing to stop you using them on the model. Much more variety is made possible by the removable upper level diorama section on the left which also allows full access inside the tunnel. This layout will be custom built with either Atlas code 80 track or Kato Unitrack with all remote turnouts wired and ready to run for either DC or DCC along with a basic ground cover.

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