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View DetailsYou are bidding forONE brand new 'Siku - Road Signs '.Today's toys for tomorrow's drivers, the range of SIKU toy models is as fascinating and varied as the real world of vehicles. There are graphic arts tape lines available from graphic supply companies that might be better for this purpose than automotive pinstriping tape, depending on the surface of your roads. What I do for my HO scale is take yellow and white electrical tape and use a square and exacto knife and cut appropriate width strips and stick them to the road.
The truck tractors are from Trucks N' Stuff and Boley, the Knight 53' van trailer is an Athearn model.

They might be less likely to pull loose if left unsealed, although I've used them with and without sealer in graphic arts applications. After the Glosscote was dry I decalled the stripes using white for the dashed line and duluxe gold for the yellow.
I don't think the sealing for the tape would be necessary I just do it to preserve the weathering. Some decal set was used to set the decals then Testors Dullcote from a rattle can was used to dull the road and seal the decal stripes.The roads were made from asphalt roofing back side up and fastened to the layout with contact cement and cut to the desired route.

They are fairly easy to apply (align with a straightedge where you can on flat, straight surfaces, and cut with an X-acto knife.
I would probably cut the shorter strips before putting on the roadway and just lay in place carefully.

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