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The layout also contains a spur for dropping freight, room for a small freight yard, and has a crystal blue lake! There are rolling hills on the layout including TWO tunnels with ready-to-go portals (already showing smoke "wear-and-tear").
This is a nice, almost finished layout in N-scale, initially designed in SCARM and realized by Didier Watson. The initial track plan and the 3D view are shown below together with short explanation, pictures and 10-minute movie of the layout operation. The initial SCARM track plan is expanded with more and different modern buildings, with roads for the buses and double tram track for the trams in the city center and with many other scenery items to form a complete layout. To open the libraries list in SCARM, right click over the name of currently selected library (located on top of the track selection panel) and the menu will appear. Brilliant worked like a dream, merrily updating my layout as we speak, KATO N Gauge track order sent for stage 1, Double Oval with cross overs and two stations. Knew I would find the best compromise in the end, and thank you for your continued support for us newbies no matter what age, or how simple the question and answers seem to others. Designing the track etc on something this forgiving gives as much pleasure as building the actual track at the end, thank you.
Message: Talk about scratching something off the bucket list!This past Tuesday, my son, Dustin, and I had the extraordinary opportunity to visit the great folks at Model Railroader magazine.
Message: Hi Mike, I look forward to hearing all about the trip and seeing it through your many pictures. Message: Isn't that place great Michael?I was very fortunate that I was able to go on the Kalmbach tour at the 75th NMRA Convention in 2010.

Message: While walking through the offices at MR, we came across a couple of recent MR Project Layouts.
Message: I was in Milwaukee on business with another model railroader about 1983, and we dropped by the old downtown location one afternoon and got a nice tour. Message: It was great seeing pics of the "Myrt" - there certainly has been a lot of progress since we spent lunch hours ripping sheets of Masonite for fascia and laying what seemed like endless stacks of flextrack!I got a tour of MR back in my early Navy days from Gordy Odegard.
The track plan consists of two lines in two independent ovals, build with Kato N Unitrack system and represents a city with small but complete transportation system that has true trams (Kato Unitram tracks) and buses (Tomix Moving Bus system). However, you can open the video in YouTube and contact the author in his YouTube channel, if he is still active there. I'm just going to post one photo for now as I'm using our small netbook while on vacation in Chicago. There was no hesitation when I called Kalmabach Publishing and spoke with their receptionist, Vicki, inquiring if it were possible for a tour that day. I've always heard that all you had to do is call or drop in and they were more than happy to show you around.
And though JD probably holds the record for "most tours given by one staffer" I gave many, many tours in my time at MR. Our layout here at home will have a base height of roughly 50 inches giving a bit of an overhead view for me but, right now, it gives a trackside view for my children! Or you can join some of the model railroad online forums and ask for help and advices there. I was ready to build an atlas plan (that included all the wiring instructions etc) but this one suits my purposes totallly.

In fact he was very accommodating to Dustin, by making sure he could see the higher sections of the MR&T with a step ladder. Dustin really liked that one, and so did I.Parked in the hallway right next to the N Scale layout was the Beer Line Project. The art department, the workshop (especially if there was a project that hadn't appeared in the magazine yet) and, of course, the Myrt were the highlights. So after a very nice family lunch at Mader's, my son, Dustin and I "cabbed" it to their offices. Here we see the Schlitz Brewery.While we were in the MR workshop, we saw the most recent project, "The Virginian".
Most of you might recognize some of the locations from recent articles over the past few years. The cab ride there and back cost me about the same price as an N scale Kato Locomotive, but I think it was well worth it. Here we see the Schlitz Brewery.So what happens to the project layouts after they have been featured. Jim Hediger mentioned they had to build a back onto the elevator as it was used as a backdrop building on their old layout in downtown Milwaukee. Case in point, the extension from the "Turtle Creek Central" is currently being used on the Virginian build.

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